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Friday, January 22, 2010

Legs...of the dragon sort

Well, after much putzing (no swearing though, believe it or not!) I have his legs stuffed and pinned on! Now I just have to figure out how to sew them on...not too sure where exactly I am supposed to be stitching. Amy suggested the use of a curved needle...yipes...something else I've never tried! Can't say this isn't a learning 'curve' (pun intended).

At least he seems somewhat balanced at this point and hopefully he won't topple onto his nose once his arms and head are added.

He has also given me some names he might like, but that's not settled yet. So far he likes Zhao, Ellyllon, Moatia, and Fintan. Anybody care to cast a vote??


  1. I don't know how you got this far without me seeing him. Didn't realize I had missed my blogs. He is looking really good. What do you use for armature? Not that I am ever going to make one but just curious.

    Try the curved needle as it makes it easier. Have used them on various things.

    I vote for Ellyllon and I don't know why.



  2. Zhao, or Doogie if he refuses to balance properly.

  3. I'm in love with a headless dragon MA.
    He(?)is looking good and I like Ellyllon as the name.

  4. Mary Anne! He looks fantastic!!! Congratulations. If you need help with sewing the legs on, i can try to do a video for you and post it to my blog.

  5. MA, he looks scary already ! Or is he/she going to be a friendly dragon, in which case his/her name should be Puff! You may need to put in some "ballast" to stop him/her tumbling forward if the head is really big I think, perhaps ball bearings or such? Enjoying the creative process with you,
    Christine in cooler Sydney Australia

  6. I like Fintan. He is really looking good MA!

  7. He's getting to be very handsome!


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