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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Erosion and storage

Now how's that for a title?

There are two things I wanted to mention here that I thought you might find interesting...

1. The Erosion Bundle Project. I know this was supposed to begin Jan. 1 and I'm a bit late starting but I simply haven't had time to get mine ready yet. The idea is that you make up a bundle of 'things' (paper, fabric, rusty bits, yarn...whatever), wrap them in fabric and then put them outside in the weather from now until April 15 when you retrieve the bundle(s) and then create art with the pieces. You have until Aug. 1st to complete an art piece with your bundled items. You can hang your bundle outside or bury it if you prefer. You can get more information either at the Erosion Bundle Project site or you can go here to read about a previous project. I think it sounds like fun and is something I would love to take part in. Let me know if you decide you're doing it too!


2. I stumbled on this and thought it was a tremendous idea for those of us short on storage space. It would be a great storage system for a small studio!


  1. i discovered i want to do the erosion thingie....i'll be late with you

  2. Glad to hear you are getting in the Erosion project too. My bundle has been wet almost the entire time it has been outside. So I really don't know what will happen when I open it in a few months. But we will see!

  3. Would probably decompose down here. Maybe not when they say northern Florida will have sleet and snow on Sat. I better get the bundle ready just in case it comes this far down.




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