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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More on Camille

Today I finished working on her cape. I found the green sort-of iridescent ribbon in my stash (which tied in nicely with the green in her paper skirt and the wrap on her leg). Then I added the beaded fringe and found some metal 'thingies' from the hardware store in my stash to complete the trim.
This is page 3 of the journal. The background has a local map and then some pictures of local attractions. Common Grounds is our favourite coffee shop and all the dolls end up visiting there before they travel on.

Page 1 of the journal is the 'Matisse' painting I showed you earlier, which I will be adding a journal entry to. Page 2 is coming along nicely and I'm pretty pleased with it so far (you'll have to wait to see it though!).


  1. Love what you have added to Camille.Thanks for sharing your project. Its given my brain a rest from current world tragedy. Thanks again MA.

  2. Oh, how colorful! The dolls you work on are so interesting!

  3. Camille looks so elegant, like she should be dancing at the Moulin Rouge!!! :)



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