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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Yuletide Prayer

The following poem is one of my favourites about this season of the year. It was originally published in the 12/20/88 issue of Woman's Day magazine and was written by Jo Carr. It sums up a lot of my feelings about Christmas....


Dear Lord,
'Tis the season to be merry and I'm not, really.
'Tis the season of goodwill, of general
and particular blessedness, of
worship and praise and warmth of heart...
And I, like the Grinch, have spiders in my spirit, and garlic in my soul.
And I come in confession and remorse,
asking You for.....for Christmas.
Is it the dither, Lord, that sets my day on edge?
Is it the too-muchness, the lavishness,
the extended list that gnaws at my
extended self? Hmmm I do believe I could trim
a thing or two off that list.
Is it that I am trying to make a Production out of
Christmas when what I really want is a Presence?
That I'm trying to guarantee, by my own
efforts, what can come only as a gift, by Thine?
Is it the begrudging, Lord? That I want to
do lovely things for my loved ones,
only I resent the time spent "doing" for
the one I am so irked at right now....
or that I want to do gracious helpful
things for nebulous "others," but I
certainly want to know that they will
appreciate my efforts adequately!
Forgive my begrudging, Father, and my
strings attached.
Forgive my Production, and my dither,
And fill me with carols of hope, and
hymns of praise.
And prayers of deep joy....
fill me with Christmas.

by Jo Carr


  1. Looks like you've left your usual commentators speechless. Happy Christmas, anyway...

  2. I had never read th is one before. Thank you. I will be sharing it with others, if I may. Happy Christmas to you and to all.

  3. Lovely poem ~ thanks for sharing!


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