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Friday, December 18, 2009

Art dolls to see

If you are interested in seeing what our dolls from the Art Doll Coolaberation 2009 are looking like now, check them out at the blog here. Gail, our fearless leader, has done a great job of keeping the blog up to date and showing marvelous pictures of our dolls.

As a reminder, mine is Shudayra (and I think she's looking absolutely wonderful)!


  1. I'd love to take a long look and admire them but i must wait until after 25th. I've sadly overused my internet allowance for this month, but i will remember. Thanks for alerting us all. K.

  2. Boy they sure are wonderful. This group really have great imaginations. Did she really go to China?



  3. I have Shudayra now here in Texas. She is gorgeous and happy to be where it's warmer for the time being! I love how you made the journal cover MA. It will be fun to work on her and the journal.


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