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Monday, December 14, 2009

That ****** Plant

My white Christmas cactus is in full bloom right now and is exceeding itself with blossoms as you can see.

There is a story behind this plant (which I've told here before but, because I have some new readers, I will repeat it. My mother absolutely hated white flowers in any form and if one had the audacity to rear its' head in her garden, it would meet a rapid demise. My husband had formed the habit of buying my mother a plant or flower for Christmas each year, which was something she always loved.


....the year he found a pretty little cactus in her *favourite* colour and couldn't resist buying it for her, knowing full well she would hate it. He has a diabolical sense of humour. So, Christmas came and Mom opened the wrapping and, through gritted teeth, said 'Thank you, John".

She dutifully hung her gift in the living room window and, we know, hoped that it would die - sooner rather than later. It didn't oblige and happily bloomed at least twice a year at which point we would get a phone call to say "You know that damned plant? It's blooming...again".

This went on for a number of years until finally she announced that she was never going to water that thing again and surely it would die. Well, you guessed it....

"You know that damned plant? It's blooming....again!".

Needless to say, when my mother passed away, that damned plant was the only one I kept! It blooms every year and we laugh every time.


  1. A good memory! A beautiful plant!

  2. That cactus is beautiful---I am dutifully envious and I want to thank you for the goodie that arrived in the mail today!!!
    Bless your heart!
    And you are sooooo lucky to get those to bloom; have had many--killed them all, and I do so love them!


  3. MIL killed the one you sent me--after it bloomed....

  4. I wonder if white flowers were some sort of symbol of death, you know, the sort of flowers that one decorates the church with, like canna lillies. Anyway, i too think it's beautiful. We have them in pink and orange, but i must look out for a white one.

  5. What a lovely and fun story! A nice memory for you. My mom has one that blooms twice a year too. Hers is pink. And, she has two orchids that Scott and I gave her for Mother's Day and Easter one year and my dad gets them to rebloom every year! The funny thing is, my mom doesn't like plants in the house!

  6. Thats a neat story. It made me think if I have ever seen a white one. Harv's Dad had a gorgeous red one that was huge and just covered in bloom every Christmas and I have seen pink ones. will have to pay attention and see if I see any white ones. Will let you know.



  7. Hi MA ... that is beautiful!
    How could she not like it?

    Here's one for ya ... this guy came in to the store and bought a whole half dozen cactus plants ... only to return them the next day.

    His wife wanted him to get Christmas Cactus ... but not knowing exactly what they were got her a bunch of cactus plants for Christmas. I chuckled.


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