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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Another icicle doll & a rant

Here's the little icicle doll I made for Arlee for a wee giftie. She doesn't 'do' Christmas, so I can't really call it a Christmas gift! These are her colours, so I was pretty sure she'd like it.

Now for the rant part of this post. I know I've mentioned before just how lacking this area is in the ability to find supplies for art/crafting. Front page article in our local paper is that our one and only semi-decent source for anything is closing in March. Although Fabricland doesn't carry a whole lot beyond fabric and the necessary things to work with it, it will be sorely missed. The closest one is over thirty miles away.

We have over 200 members in our local quilt guild, many of whom are elderly and unable to travel any distance to get supplies. We have a very active Victoria's Quilts organization here too - where are they going to get materials to work with? Where are we going to get simple things like a decent spool of thread? Sewing machine needles?

I have never been in Fabricland but what it wasn't busy and, according to the paper, they have been doing quite well. So why would they be forced to close? According to the report, they want something bigger (and cheaper to rent) - which is impossible to find here.

We do have a tiny little fabric store downtown, but the fabric is old and moldy (well maybe not really, but it's been in the store forever so it SHOULD be moldy!). The man that runs it is a complete jerk, so not very many people darken the doorstep. His thread is the cheapest you can get and won't work in most machines.

Our town isn't THAT small and is growing but you'd certainly never know it by the services we have. There has been an ongoing battle over the possibility of getting a WalMart - it's been raging for almost ten years and still no progress. Our factories are pretty much gone. We blame the city council for most of it. They refuse to make decisions for fear of offending already existing businesses - and then they wonder why people go out of town to shop?

There are several smaller towns nearby that are doing quite well. They cater to the tourist trade and have shops that reflect that. We could have a vibrant downtown too, if there was a little thought put into it.

Fabricland closing is just another blow.


  1. that sucks----but walmart has really downsized its fabric and craft sections too so that's not necessarily a bad/good thing it's not there yet

    i'd be organizing pools a couple of times a year to buy in bulk, pay the gas, make a daytrip of it and have fun

  2. oops and ps everyone--the icicle doll is even more special in the flesh :} Sweet!!

  3. I too was going to tell you that WalMart is dropping its fabric and craft all their stores eventually I have been told. Mine at home has already closed theirs but in Mt. Dora they still have fabric but no embroidery thread and the fabric is going byebye by next year. If it ever closes I would have to drive about 45 mins. to an hour to other stores. At home I have it all so close to me I am very spoiled. I will say that a lot of the independent fabric and quilt shops have closed in a lot of places. For cq I order a lot online but I hate not being able to feel the fabric or check the colors of things.

    Maybe these small towns need to wake up to what our needs really are.



  4. Anonymous9:38 PM

    Really hated to read that news! I really don't mind driving 45 minutes to a fabricland because I will be doing other shopping too but it is not a good thing for our small community. I can't shop locally if there is no stores to shop in!!
    Sorry the CQ'teer meeting is cancelled. see you later
    Mrs Noofy

  5. Yep, our Walmart has no fabric now and very little craft supplies. We don't have a fabric store in the area anymore, so I know where you're coming from, MA. I have to go about 40 miles to buy fabric.

    I LOVE the orange icicle doll!

  6. These shops complain about people shopping online but they are driving everyone to do it aren't they.
    I have 7 fabric shops(both patchwork and dress) within a 30 minute radius of me so I should stop complaining shouldn't I.

  7. Our Walmart just closed out their fabric section here in Kingsville this year. We don't have any source for fabric etc. now except Corpus Christi which is a one hour drive away. Ten years ago I heard there was 5 fabric shops here, so there has been quite a change.

  8. Love your new blog look! And love the icicle doll for Arlee! Love the little leaf skirt!

  9. I love your autumn icicle doll! I am just going to have to try making one of those!

    As for shopping, I'm so sorry to hear how difficult it is for you to get supplies. I'm rather lucky as I have a WalMart & a Michaels store here in McHenry. I have a Hobby Lobby and Hancock Fabrics in Crystal Lake (next town) and a JoAnn's about 30 minutes from me (which Scott is taking me to today).

    If you ever need something that you just can't find, please let me know and I'll gladly pick it up for you and mail it on.

    I absolutely adore craft supplies and my heart goes out to anyone who doesn't have access to them!



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