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Friday, August 10, 2007

Ten minute Tute!

In the interest of not boring you overly much with yet more totes, here's a very quick atc I just whipped up.
I used one of my technique backgrounds. The little bird was done using the directions on with a few variations of my own (due to not having all the called-for 'ingredients').
I have a few of those little brass stencils kicking around, including this little bird. I held the stencil against the pre-done background and rubbed a glue stick back & forth until the bird was pretty much filled in. Removed the stencil, sprinkled with embossing powder (returning excess to the bottle of course) and then heated with my heat gun. I would have liked to use black embossing powder, but my choices aren't that extensive!! This process left the bird very dimensional. I then outlined it with a fine Sharpie marker in black. I free-handed the branch (again with my trusty Sharpie!). The leaves were pretty simple...moisten some mulberry paper and roughly tear out vague shapes to represent leaves. Glue down with the glue stick and you're done. Ten minutes tops!!

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