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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

More experiments

I'm really liking these! The original instructions were on a site called 'Elizabeth Creates' (sorry, I don't have the link), but I changed them somewhat to refect what I have in my stash.
The base was cardstock which I covered lightly with some coloured doll stuffing (source unknown). After that I dropped little snippets of fibres on top and sprinkled it all lightly with embossing powder. Ironed it on a low setting between two pieces of parchment paper. Wait until it cools and peel the parchment away. Then I put a light 'coat' of Angelina Fibre on top and quickly ironed again (also between the parchment papers). This is the result and, unfortunately, the camera doesn't do the shimmer on these justice!


  1. Wonderful MA great glitzy looking pieces.

  2. Wonderful MA great glitzy looking pieces.

  3. Gorgeous!Whatcha gonna do with them? Cut out shapes and stitch 'em????


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