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Saturday, August 25, 2007

It was inevitable....

....that I make bead soup without meaning to! The pictures are the result of my having an entire box of nicely sorted beads land on the floor. Of course, to make matters worse, it's right next to the cat litter box. YUCK! Those that landed 'In' the litter box are just going to stay there (that's just too gross to contemplate). I swept the ones up from the floor (including all sorts of cat hair & bits of litter...really don't want to think about whether it was of the used variety or not!) and picked out my favourites. The rest went in the garbage. There ARE limits!
Now I'm gonna read a least if I drop that, I won't have to play five-thousand pick up!

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  1. You really do make me laugh sometimes MA--but I know what it is like to make bead soup and I think the cost of replacing them is much better that the thought of picking them up and sorting them out.


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