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Monday, August 20, 2007

More experiments and further on Ms. Greer

I know I promised my thoughts on the article written by Germaine Greer regarding fabric art, but there are others who have said it ever so much better than I could, namely:
2. SharonB of has some very interesting comments on her post of August 18th which are well worth reading.
3. and - entry of Aug. 18th as well
All of the above are very thought-provoking!
Now, as for today's pictures - I've been experimenting again, using a technique I found on I'm not at all sure I'm happy with my results, but found the process quite fun to do. Hopefully the pictures will be in the right order for you. The first step I did was to glue torn pages from a dictionary onto some cardstock. Over that I glued some torn-out black & white pictures and allowed it all to dry. Once dry, I painted on a coat of Decoupage & Collage Gel (brand name Crafter's Pick) & allowed to dry. The original instructions called for Golden Soft Gel, which isn't something I have, but thought what I had was similar enough.
The next step is to add streaks of Vaseline in the places that you want to have showing when you're done. After that I watered down some black folk art paint and painted over top with a soft brush. There's where I think I went wrong because in my first experiment the brush smeared the Vaseline around (the larger picture shows the results...not particularly wonderful).
I tried the whole process again, only this time I just gently dabbed the black paint on & allowed it to dry (the smaller size pieces are the ones I ended up with using this). The final step was to wipe using a paper towel & then a baby wipe to remove the Vaseline.
The jury is out on this one....


  1. I think the idea has merit MA and I like what you have achieved.

  2. I think they're kinda cool! Particularly like the black and white theme you've got going on....hmmm...might have to try that myself, with maybe a splash of blood red! lol



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