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Friday, June 18, 2010

Watching glue dry

Quite literally that's what I'm doing.  Oh yeah, and mopping up a glass of water that I managed to spill over my entire worktable (how can one little glass of water spread so darned far?).

Anyway.  This photo is what I see every morning right now when I open the bedroom curtains.
And this is what I smell when I go to the backyard.  Mock orange has a scent like no other - so pretty.

This is just a random photo of flower-ness in our garden....

Yesterday Gail asked about my new camera, so here are the specs:  Canon Power Shot SD1200IS;  10.0 Mega Pixels (whatever THEY are!) and 3x optical zoom.  Hot pink and silver.  It's a sweet little piece of equipment!  I haven't even begun to explore the possibilities with it yet.  Thanks Shawn!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Trust me, when you spill something, I am sure the molecules triple! (I spilled a glass of iced tea into my computerized sewing machine once.....drained it out and it worked fine!)
I love the photos, especially the mock orange. Grandma had that. And the small mallow.....they are so delightful.
Getting ready to be hit by another round of storms....I have me arse duct-taped on again! Dang! Sick of this!!! LOL!!!

XXOO!! to see the Wizard....

Gina E. said...

Your photos are stunning - the flowers look good enough to almost reach out and pick them off the screen!
And the animal pics from the zoo are super - the ones I took at the Melbourne zoo are quite pathetic compared to yours. But I guess when comparing my 8 year old Olympus 2 megapixel to your latest model - well, what else can I expect?!

Whytefeather said...

What beautiful views you have around your place! Thanks for sharing the photos :)

Saltbox Treasures said...

Hi. Thanks for visiting. How does your new camera do inside without a flash??
I am looking for a new camera.
~ Julie

Saltbox Treasures said...

Thanks for visiting. How does your camera do with indoor pics without the flash??? I'm looking for a new camera. Beautiful pics of your garden!
~ Julie

Julie Marie said...

Hello, and thank you for visiting me today! Your blog is lovely and your flowers are so very pretty! Happy Fourth of July to you! xoxo Julie Marie