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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Flowers - of another sort!

Today was our monthly CQteers meeting and, as usual, we had fun. Sue taught us a really pretty watercolour technique and my efforts are in the above picture. I will certainly play with this again! (thanks Sue).

The below picture is the atcs we exchanged (on a 'Recycling' theme). The one on the right is by Sue; upper middle is by Irene; lower middle by Kym' and the two on the left are mine. The 'red' one is the true recycling one...made from newspaper and a bit of red paper I had in my scrap pile. The title is....wait for it.....'Black and White and Read all over'. SO original!! The other one was simply a personal challenge to make something out of 'stuff' I had dwelling on my worktable.

Tomorrow there is not likely going to be a post. We've been invited to a cottage for the day so I doubt I'll have time to be on the computer. Do feel free to talk amongst yourselves!!


FredaB said...

Your watercolours are beautiful. Are you very artistic or was it a taught
method. I wish I could paint like that.

Have fun at your cottage.


yvonne said...

Very nice technique for watercolor, which I love and used to do more of.
The recycling art really gets your creative mind working doesn't it.
Hope you take pics at the cottage too. Have a good time.

Joyce said...

Your flowers are beautiful. I especially like the rose.
Enjoy your holiday.

Anonymous said...

Wow..they look fabulous. Glad you enjoyed the class.
Mrs Noofy