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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Well, never let it be said!

Most of you know already that computer illiteracy reigns supreme at Chez Richardson and also that recently I had to start over with my computer.  Some of you may already know that I am also stubborn (I know,  I hate to say that some of the lack of pictures on this blog has been a result of my not being able to figure out how to get my camera and my computer to go off in the corner and play nicely.  They have been squabbling.  The discussion going on has been quite disturbing.  First the computer says nope, I don't wanna play on your swings.  And then the camera says well, if you don't want to play on my swings, then I don't want to play catch with YOU.  And so it's gone.  One side trying to best the other and poor little ol' me in the middle, trying to be a peacemaker.  

There has been infighting.  And swearing (not that I would EVER resort to such tactics!).  There has been removal of programs and installation of programs.  Finger crossing.  Muttering and (dare I say it) mumbling too!

End result of all that is to say that I think I have won.  


 Perhaps. goes nothing....

Well, will you lookit that!   It worked!!!!!  

Phew!  All this angst, just to show you something that I made over the past while.  This is a Christmas card that is currently winging its way to my cousin in Australia.  Hope she likes it!

Today the quote (and a fitting one, I might add) is from Steve Wozniak....  "Never trust a computer you can't throw out a window"


  1. Yay on You for overcoming computer vs. camera. Your card is gorgeous. Perfect quote for all you have been through.

  2. What a pretty little thing to receive. Want to send one my way? Just love it! Have a great day and Happy Staitching!

  3. The card is beautiful!

  4. Oh that quote made me laugh!!I have the same problem with photocopiers.They just seize up when I come near them.Or they decide to run out of paper although the person before me has done 2 hours' copying and not a hitch.Or it runs out of toner..or gets a paper jam!!In one school I was at, the secretary said I wasn't to the copier in her office!

    I feel tired and stressed out and our painter hasn't even arrived yet! Starts tomorrow.
    He says the inside will only take about 4-5 days, but we did some tester bits of wall, and my asthma is playing up something 'orrible. Perhaps the low allergy paint he is going to use will help me. Years ago, I had no idea asthma would be do debilitating.I have very little energy to do chores I'd normally fly into and complete quick smart! Praying for next 4-5 days to go FAST!! Also not sure of colour we chose. he hasn't bought the paint yet, so will get advice when Mike comes.

  5. Glad you won Mary Anne! Love, love your postcard.... it is stunning! Hope you have a better day today with the technical stuff! Christine x

  6. Well you seem to have persevered and won indeed!
    What a beautiful home-made card, I'm sure your cousin will love it.
    I had to laugh at the quote, I'm sure we've all felt that way sometime or other!!

  7. I am lucky that way. I just threaten to punt my computer out the window/door etc and hubbie fixes it that night or the next day.

  8. It's such a beautiful card!! I stopped using my camera when I got a smart phone. Click it, transfer to dropbox, edit with pic monkey...vualah.

    Love the quote.
    xx, Carol

  9. well done, looks fun and so intricate!

  10. Well done with the computer problems. The gremlins are a problem with my printers more than the PC.
    The postcard for your cousin is absolutely beautiful and will be such a winner in our Hot Downunder summer-y Christmas.

  11. Yay! The children are playing nicely together at last! It always takes a while. I think it really is a high level skill to learn.
    Beautiful card


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