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Monday, November 21, 2016


Over the weekend I started working on a new project which will be a Christmas present for our newest little grandson.  I made a quiet book for our older grandson when he was born and I just *have* to make another one because they're so much fun!  Time consuming, but fun.  

Here's the first page I did...

This one is fairly simple.  I found a little 'person' shape online HERE and created it out of felt.  I made a little felt shirt and pants which attach to the person with dome fasteners so they are removable.  The page was complete with a little quilt and a pillow.

Second page...

The tie-up shoes were also created from felt and real shoelaces.  I still have to finish the ends of the laces (a quick dip in some clear nail polish should do the trick.  Pattern came from HERE.  

Over the next while I will share more of the pages as I create them.

Now, on to some mumblings...

- for the awww factor for a baby, how about THIS free knitted sweater?

- Vicki Welsh has posted about how to rescue a quilt after the colours have bled.  You can read that HERE.  

- Over on SuperMomNoCape there's a set of pretty embroidery patterns for cute angels.

- There are some free Christmas snowflake ornaments HERE.  

- There's an interesting article HERE with hints about how to make cutting your quilt patches go much faster. 

- HERE's another quick and easy idea for your Christmas giving - great stash buster too! 

Today your quote is from Ben Franklin.... "Take one thing with another, and the world is a pretty good sort of a world, and it is our duty to make the best of it, and be thankful"


  1. This is such a sweet "Quiet Book" for your newest grandson. I have never made any of these however I think I should make an "Adult" version for my husband who can never sit still. Hmmm...

  2. Oh that little book is just so darn cute. What a lovely gift for a new baby.

  3. What a darling little book. Can't wait to see the next pages.My mother made some for her granddaughters, but their mother didn't value the work that went into them, and the children didn't value them either.A shame!~

  4. The book is a labor of love for sure. I have never made one, but my daughter, and then my grandsons had one. Kids love them. Thanks for all the great links.
    xx, Carol

  5. What a great book! Thank you for all the links!

  6. What a fabulous gift Mary Anne and I can see that it is a great deal of fun to make too! Looking forward to seeing more pages! Christine x

  7. Your Quiet Books are wonderful!

  8. Oh, those pages are so adorable. Love the baby in it's bed with pillow and quilt!

  9. what a lovely idea....very personal and this book will always hold special memories for him.x


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