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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A little bit of knitting, and a little you-know-what

Here's another bit of proof that I really haven't been idle...

These are three more hats I completed for #1 son, daughter-in-love and grandson.  The green one is a free pattern I found on Ravelry by M. Nishioka and is called 'Button-Tab Knit Hat'.  The grey & red striped one is the 'Double Rib Toddler Hat' by Torunn V. Espe and is also found on Ravelry.  The black one, also free on Ravelry, is from 'She Makes Hats' and is called the Sandoval Hat.  

For those of you looking to make quick fleece projects, perhaps for Christmas, have a look at the free pattern found HERE.  These would certainly make quick and easy gifts.

There are a number of links HERE to some cute looking shrugs.  Another quick make perhaps for the upcoming Christmas giving?

For those people who have arthritis in their hands and suffer when it's cold, perhaps giving them some of THESE would make them feel cozy.

For the knitters who want to stash bust AND create something cute for Christmas, how about a few of THESE cute little guys?

Or maybe one (or more) of THESE for your tree?  Or maybe the crocheters would like to stash bust with THESE?  Or maybe the sewers would want to create a few of THESE?

There, that ought to keep you busy for a little bit, and perhaps will spark some ideas.  If any of you would like to share any cute and simple ornament or gift ideas, please feel free to leave a link in the comments.

Today your quote is from Mother Teresa - "It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving"


  1. The hats are very pretty ♥

  2. Glad to see you have been keeping busy Mary Anne! Lovely hats and I am sure they will be welcomed just as the weather is turning cold! Christine x

  3. I like the fleece earflap cap! I've been making a knitted version of a similar shape and it has been my most-worn hat for winter chores, unless I'm wearing just an earwarmer (same pattern, but with the top not knit).
    Glad to see you're making progress on the photo/computer detente. I know how frustrating that can be!!

  4. You've been super busy. Well done - - and thank you for the links!

  5. Thanks for the tips, Mary Ann.
    Great hats!

  6. Lovely hats! Great patterns
    You have been busy.

  7. Thanks for the links. I'm thinking of making a small shawl for one of my daughters. I need to make more toques too for growing little ones.

  8. Love the hats and thank you for the links:)

  9. The hats are so lovely! Gonna be such a cutie in those!

  10. No idle hands for you dear. Great hats for gifting. I checked every link and am happy to say I do not need to attempt any of them at this time. So far behind...I think I heard it is 38 days til Christmas.

  11. best dressed Canadian grandchildren!!


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