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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Finished book!!

The quiet book is finished!  I really don't think it should be possible to have so much fun making something, but this project certainly fits into that category.  I'm almost sorry that it's done!

The cover (above) has pictures of our grandson, son, and daughter-in-love.  The back cover (below) is a Mr. Potato Head, waving goodbye.  The pattern for him came from HERE.

The pages measure approximately 11" square which seems to be a good size overall.  If you ever plan on making one of these books, I would recommend not trying to sew the spine with your sewing machine....not that I would know that the needle would snap and leave the sharp point lurking within the confines of the book...why, no, I wouldn't know that.  I ended up hand stitching the spine using dental floss (and my handy dandy pair of pliers!).  

Now a few mumblings...

- There's a pretty crocheted snowflake pattern HERE

- Another really nice knitted hat pattern HERE and another one HERE that would be perfect for a teenager.  And go HERE for some of the cutest kids hat patterns (most are free).  

- And a pretty (and easy!) scarf HERE.  

- For those of you that like simple classic clothing designs, how about this knitted sweater?

- For the sheer cuteness factor, THESE are such fun!  Perfect for stocking stuffers perhaps?

- For those who don't knit or crochet (or want a little break to try something else) THESE would make fun Christmas gifts too.

- There's a cute crocheted angel ornament pattern HERE.  

Those ought to keep you busy for a little while!

Today your quote is from Paul Gauguin...."I shut my eyes in order to see"


  1. They will keep that book forever!

  2. Your book for Theo is an heirloom for future generations. Great quote dear.

  3. I think this is a real treasure Mary Anne. I am sure it will be cherished and I am so glad that you had as much fun making it as it is going to give to Theo! Christine x

  4. Beautiful book! Love it. Great links too. I do like the lacy scarve and the sweater jacket.

  5. It's been fun watching you create the pages. I can't imagine the difficulty you had fishing out that needle point. Thanks for all the great links today.
    xx, Carol

  6. So gorgeous! Theo is one lucky grandson!

  7. Oh, this is so cute! Love Mr Potato Head!!!

  8. It seems during my absence I have missed out on each lovely page of Theo's little book. Oh how gorgeous it is. I love all the details, the little shoes, the house with all the photos in the windows, the stable doors that open to reveal the cute animals, the tactile little shapes etc etc. What a brilliant idea which will give your little Theo many hours of learning fun!


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