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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Living in a construction zone

...or is it more aptly described as a DE-struction zone?  While we were away we had asked our building  super to replace our bathroom, kitchen  and entryway  flooring.  We arrived home to find nothing done and are now having to tackle the project ourselves.  I had planned to repaint the bathroom too.

As of now the bathroom  painting  is well underway and this morning Jack removed the carpet in the hallway.  Imagine our disgust when we saw what lay beneath!  How can workers think that it's right to just lay carpeting over top of that much dirt, cement dust  and chunks of cement!  We know that the carpet in this building has been replaced a number of times since it was built so why has no one bothered to sweep up the construction  mess?  Sure does explain why our allergies  are so bad!

Tomorrow  I'll put the final coat of paint on the bathroom and we can start laying the tiles in the hallway.  Next will come the kitchen and then the floor in the bathroom.  We will not be  removing the old tiles because we're pretty certain they are asbestos and we aren't willing to open that kettle of fish.  The building  people fall all over themselves  trying to assure  us that they're  not asbestos but considering when the buildings were built the odds are they're  the bad ones.  One more reason to cover them up!

I don't have any pictures  to share....still waiting for my computer to be repaired.


  1. You just get stunned by lack of commonsense with builders eh? I hope the lovely new carpet improves things greatly. I've found eucalyptus is a great disinfectant for carpets etc.Once you have the new flooring it will give your home a good lift.Everything else will look fresher.When we left our old home, we only replaced the dated floor tiles, and the bathrooms looked like new!I saw pics of our old house on line a few months ago, and they still had the old bathrooms as we left them 16 years ago!!

    To face the lack of work when you got back must have been Very Disappointing and Frustrating!

  2. I don't envy you coming back to all that work! Good luck with it all... hope it goes smoothly! Christine x

  3. You are busy for sure, hope it goes well with the repairs, good luck!

  4. Poor you! I bet you thought you'd have a rest when you got back home!

    I know what you are going through, with all the dust and disorder decorating entails .... we've been there this last year! Ours is all done now! You know it will be so nice when you are done!

    Hugs, Barbara xx

  5. I really expected to read a quote at the end of this post that attests to the fact that if you want something done, you have to do it yourself! What color paint are you using? I bought a gallon of aqua blue but haven't used it yet...not too pale and not too intense. For some reason I usually paint in January. After the holidays but before spring. Sorry you had to come back to make a mess.
    xx, Carol

  6. You can't always rely on tradesmen to do what they promise unfortunately.
    In Australia they seem to love wall to wall carpets, but when we bought our house we removed all the old dirty 30 year old carpets from the 70's and laid tiles all over except the bedrooms where we put wooden floors.
    Much better for cleaning, allergies...
    Good luck with your renovations.

  7. That's horrible. Are these condo's , apartments or what. I don't understand why you should have to be doing the work on either.

  8. How very disappointed you must have been. Now you will know the work is done properly because you are doing it. Carpet is truly bad for allergies. In my next home I don't want any carpet...just porcelain tile floors with some area rugs. Hope your work gets done quickly so you can enjoy your home.

  9. Oh, disappointing to come home and find things not even started. I know I could hardly believe the mess. Its good you and hubby are so capable! You too will make a great job.

  10. All the best with everything☺ Hugs♥

  11. Holy cow, does anyone do anything they are supposed to anymore?

  12. So frustrating to deal with messes and problems left by others. Especially when one has paid for the previous work...grrrr.
    oh well, at least the two of you are in it together. And when you've finished your project, you'll know exactly what was done, and have what you want at the end of it!

  13. oh I don't envy you the upheaval.....sending a virtual sweeping brush your way!!


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