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Monday, November 02, 2015

Tah Dah! (and other stuff)

Remember all the excitement the other day over my finishing getting my old family diaries ready for publication?  Well, I thought perhaps you might like to see a page of what I was working from...

For a man with a very limited education, his handwriting was very legible.  Sometimes his spelling was a trifle 'creative', but that certainly would be expected.  The book is now off to the publisher and should be printed within the next two or three weeks.

And ....for lack of anything of the stitching sort to share today, how about a picture of a knitting project I just finished?  

Although it's hard to tell in this picture the yarn is metallic copper
and those buttons have rhinestone edges.  Bling doesn't seem to
photograph well.

It's a Christmas present!

Today your quote is from A. W. Tozer.... "Keep your feet on the ground, but let your heart soar as high as it will"


  1. Lovely neck-warmer! The magazine sounds fabulous - I confess I haven't been over to the site yet but it's added to the list and I hope to get there soon. I'm sure your column is a big hit!

  2. I've just ordered my copy of CQQ.... I love it.... looking forward to reading your articles. It was lovely to see the handwritten manuscript you were working from, the handwriting is beautifully neat. That is a wonderful Christmas gift! Christine x

  3. Very curious about the copper yarn...

  4. You make the neatest projects! Love that neck warmer and am so excited for you about the publishing of the diary. What a wonderful idea! Have a great week, Friend!

  5. Hi MA
    I ordered my copy and was so excited to see that you wrote a column about using waste canvas. I can't wait to get my printed copy.
    xx, Carol

  6. Cozy and warm for winter, excellent gift. Looks like a great issue of CQ quarterly.

  7. Lovely shawl/scarf. So pretty.. What a great idea it is to do a beginners crazy quilt article. Bet people love it.

  8. Your scarf turned out fantastic! How exciting to have the diary in print soon. :) And, I have peeked through my digital copy of the CQ Quarterly. Beautiful work! I cannot wait for the print edition to arrive to hold it in my hands and oooh and aaaah over the lovely work. (I even managed to submit a picture of a small project for the Spring edition and might even attempt a tutorial for the Summer edition - if time allows.)

  9. What an amazing project to translate and compile old family documents-- goodness you must be incredibly patient to do all that-- but it's truly a wonderful legacy for your family.

    The scarf is stunning-- I love the metallic thread in that incredible color. Somebody is gonna get a wonderful gift this Christmas:)

  10. well done you on the family diary adventure, it's going to be amazing for your family and future generations too.


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