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Monday, November 16, 2015

And now, for a little Christmas

I've spent the past few days working on some Christmas things (and about time too!).  Remember that white blob I showed you last week?  Well I turned a number of them into this...

Seven not-so-edible pincushions!

The little strawberries are filled with emery.


an ornament
(x 18)

These were positively addictive to make!

* * * * * * * 
I have searched for the right words to express my sorrow over the horrible events that happened in Paris over the weekend.  One can only feel such sorrow for the people of France, and particularly those in Paris.  I found a quote that I think is appropriate for the people of Paris ...  "You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have".     All we can do is pray.  


  1. Your pincushions are lovely! I like that you took three different patterns and combined them into one!

    We've been struggling here too how to put into words our feelings about the tragedy in Paris on the weekend, as well as other places in the world where these horrible things are happening. Our middle daughter has friends in France who have a lost neighbor. They have requested she make a quilt and teddy bear to comfort the little girl who is devastated by the loss of her father. Would that we could blanket this world with love and protect everyone from those kinds of losses.

  2. These pincushions are gorgeous! Thanks for all the links. I had a look at them and have saved them for future reference. There might be a piece of cake in my future (smile).
    Your words for Paris are very appropriate.

  3. The pincushions are so cute!

  4. When I first saw that cheesecake I was literally salivating(I am trying to detach from chocolate)!They are cute pincushions.That pinwheel decoration would be a nice sort of project on a hot Summer day..or cold blustery one.I will try and find the you tube video- easier...!!I have printed off pdf though, so thanks Mary Anne

  5. love those pin cushions!! Sewing and cake...great combination...

  6. What fabulous projects Mary Anne! I love those cake pincushions and the ornament is very pretty too! Thank you for the links! It is difficult to express all the emotions and feelings that one feels when a tragedy such as that which has occurred in Paris takes place. One can only hope that something positive comes from the sadness and devastation. Christine x

  7. Cool pincushions!! Well, you have been busy behind the scenes! I think it's hard to talk about Paris. Violence begets more violence and revenge...sometimes revenge makes sense. I don't like that though in me.

  8. Anonymous8:02 AM

    The pincushions are so supercute! !!! I think I'll give the ornament a try.... could also be a nice cushion cover if you join several of these hexies.

  9. Anonymous8:07 AM

    The pincushions are supercute! I think I'll give the lovely ornament a chance.... perhaps it is possible to join several of these to construct a cushion cover?

  10. Praying for Paris as well, Issi need to be stopped and we need to help with it. We are involved in everything else.
    I need to get away from that.
    Thanks for sharing these links, the whipped cream in the perfect finish to this cake and I did not have that pattern. Yours is adorable. Would you share where you get your emery? Mine comes out when removing the needle. I'm using 100% cotton fabric. Should I maybe line it or does the emery need to be larger grit? I got mine on ETSY. And don't know the grit size. I would appreciate any help in this direction. Thanks

  11. Oooh.....pretty hexagons....I fully understand how those pretty hexies are addictive. As for all the horrible goings on in the world and especially the tragic events in Paris this past weekend it would be wonderful if we upheld all in prayer. These are dreadful times that we live in.

  12. What a sweet ornament! And those pincushions are darling! Beautiful work!


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