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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Are you up for more mumbling?

I hope you are, because otherwise I got nuttin' that I'm able to show you.

Unless you want to see a ball of yarn that might, or might not, be turned into a pair of socks. 

Unless you want to see my messy studio.

Unless you want to see that you can't sit on the couch in my studio.

Unless you want to see my pile of UFO's.


Maybe you want to see my new sewing chair?


Well then, I guess I'll just send you elsewhere to
see what other people (far more interesting than I)
are doing....

- For those of you who like to crochet, there's a cute little snowman HERE.   He'd look great on a Christmas tree or used as a parcel topper.

- There's a good article on snow dyeing fabric HERE.  It's the beginning of a series so you might want to keep checking back as new posts come up. 

-For those of you who have children who are lovers of Lego (and for those of you who are closet adult Lego-lovers!), there are lots of things to create for Christmas HERE.

- For the quilters among you - go HERE for a good quilt size chart and HERE for information about different types of batting.  The article about batting is part one, so there will be a follow-up post later on.

- Kathy Shaw (Shawkl) has opened registrations again for her free Basic Crazy Quilt Course (BCQC) and you can sign up until midnight November 7.  This is the last chance for this class for this year.  In 2016 Kathy plans to continue to offer these  basic classes, approximately every three months throughout the year.

- Sharon Boggon has announced on her blog that she has produced a new set of her very-popular embroidery stencils and that they will be available soon.  I use her first set ALL the time and can highly recommend them.  Obviously my credit card is primed and ready to purchase a set of her new ones as soon as they are officially available.  You can go HERE to read about them (and to get a sneak peak at what the designs will be). 

Today the quote is from Maurice Setter.... "Too many people miss the silver lining because they're expecting gold" 



Baa. xxx said...

Wow! Had a look at Sharons site - those templates are amazing. I can see how you love them!

janie krig said...

thanks for the info. Good quote, our treasure is right in front of isn't it? Hidden in plain sight.

sharonb said...

Thanks for spreading the word about my templates and I am thrilled to hear you use them all the time - I really hope people find them useful

Christine Barnsley said...

Love your mumbling Mary Anne! More lovely links.... thank you! Have a lovely weekend! Christine x

Caroline Heinrichs said...

Interesting links, thanks Mary Anne.

Quinn said...

Well, I would like to see the ball of yarn and your sewing chair! (The piles of stuff and cluttered areas I can see right here, thanks all the same ;)

karen said...

actually.........I do want to see your messy studio. It may make me feel better about my messy house!!