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Monday, November 23, 2015

hair tearing, angst, and (horrors) even swearing....

Frustration runs rampant at Chez Magpie at the moment.  For some reason, known only unto the computer gremlins, my camera no longer wants to discuss the facts of life with my computer.  The pictures will download into some obscure spot that I've never encountered before and then flatly refuse to save themselves anywhere.  No amount of wrangling on my part will allow me to do anything with them. 

Oh yeah, the air has been blue.
And most any other colour you can think of.

To make matters worse, it now appears that ALL my pictures AND my documents have managed to save themselves into at least five different places on my computer.  

Computer gremlins?
I'm serving notice.
Get thyselves GONE
or there's going to be h-e-double-hockey-sticks to pay!!
So there.

(Do you suppose they're scared?).  Anyway....out of all this angst came one good thing.  I think.  I discovered that the little camera thingie we use when Skype-ing with our son and daughter-in-love has the capability of taking still photos.  Who knew?  I certainly didn't!  Imagine my astonishment when it took a selfie of me - totally unbeknownst to me!!   Needless to say, I won't be showing you THAT one, but I did get another one that I WILL share. 

Here I am, silly grin and all.

Silly grin?  Or hysteria?
Take your pick!

Today, beyond giving you a list of the swear words I managed to utter today, I give you this, instead of a quote....


  1. so sorry....i've been there so i sympathize. i finally figured it out and straightened it out. just hoping it doesn't decide to play games once again. i could never explain how i figured it out....i think it was purely by accident.

  2. Oh that's a perfect saying!

  3. Bleeech!!! Nothing worse than computer malfunctions. But I love your selfie!!!

  4. Oh you are hilarious!! What a gorgeous photo of you!! Let's hope those gremlins have gone somewhere else as I do enjoy receiving your updates of your lovely crazy stitching!

  5. Great saying Mary Anne and a lovely photograph of you too! Hope you get your computer problems solved very soon! Christine x

  6. I had a laugh at your quote! Hope you find out what's happening between your camera and your computer, these things can be frustrating!
    At least you discovered a new function in your skype.

  7. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to you. Computers a lovely thing when they work but when they don't........

  8. Say to yourself in 1930s school film voice*
    Technology! It make our lives easier.
    No,no,no,no! Its a time suck we depend on to replace our memory and ends up being a massive time suck and I can't remember where I put anything anyway.

  9. Yes, the ups and downs of reality. Hope you get things straightened out soon!

  10. Oh no! What a pain for you! Hope you get it sorted soon!

    Nice to see your selfie, Mary Anne!

    Barbara xx

  11. Nice pic, MA. I'm still oscillating on whether I should update my Win 7 to 10. I've heard that learning curve is pretty steep. I usually discover fixes by accident...I hate that. Or I figure out what I did wrong when it's too late to fix it.

    My solution on 10 is to buy a lap top with 10 during the Black Friday sale and learn on it to see if I want the switch. I'm thinking if it ain't broke....

    Did you ever find your pics and docs??

  12. Such a super photo of you! Those computer gremlins are traveling the world. I haven't heard anything about my poor surface which got sent to Australia over 16days ago now. Grrrrr... I feel your pain!

  13. I renewed my MacAfee computer security recently and seem to have it stored 3 times lol I'm not sure which ones to delete either now so I empathise with you and that's a great picture of you!

  14. Nice photo! Now I can put a face to the comments made on my blog.

  15. looking good girl!! looking good!!


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