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Monday, October 19, 2015

The grand reveal!

Here you go - the grand reveal of the fall pillow cover... 

and a couple of closeups...

I think you should be able to click on these to embiggen them.

This morning I had to go and have my eyes checked - a dreaded enterprise as far as I'm concerned.  I have astigmatism, which wouldn't be a huge issue for most people, but I'm one of the 'lucky' ones whose eyes are radically different from each other which makes it interesting.  A year ago when I went, I attempted to explain to the eye dr. that I wasn't able to see to stitch and that I was looking over my glasses in order to be able to function...then I had to look 'through' my glasses in order to see the pattern....back and forth, and forth and back, and a sore neck as a result.  There was a minimal change in my prescription and he said that taking my glasses off to stitch wasn't going to hurt my eyes in any way.  He didn't 'get' that I have to look back and forth between the actual stitching and the pattern.  

This time I carted my embroidery frame and my pattern into the office with me (which caused a great deal of interest throughout...I guess it's not 'normal' for somebody to bring in an embroidery frame...who knew?).  Well, it was a worthwhile venture because now the dr. 'gets' it..yay.  I now have a prescription for an extra pair of glasses that will allow me to see up close on the bottom and a mid-sight for the pattern.  I won't be able to see distance with them, but that's not a huge issue.  Finally - a possible solution that hopefully will work.  I'll know in a couple of weeks after the new ones arrive.

Today your quote is from C.C. Jung.... "The creative mind plays with the object it loves"


  1. I hope the new glasses work for you! Vision problems can be so frustrating.

  2. Such lovely details, Mary Anne! Wonderful work, so neat! I hate going to he opticians and going through all the eye tests! I hope the new glasses will help. Barbara xx

  3. Oh, good luck with the glasses - I have multifocals to deal with a similar issue. Have to smile at the though of you lugging your frame into his office!

  4. And....what a reveal it is!! Your Fall pillow is a delight to the eyes with all those lovely pretties and embroidery stitched all over. Wonderful you finally have your eyes/glasses sorted. Nothing like a little explaining to set the 'learned echelon' right. =)

  5. Well worth waiting for Mary Anne! What a rich and gorgeous piece. Oh how frustrating stitching would be having to look up and down.So glad you have that problem fixed!!Yay! I can't imagine how you did such work having to do that looking up and down!!Wow!

  6. Good finish, glad you got your glasses sorted out, hopefully that helps.

  7. Your Fall pillow is exquisite. The myriad of amazing details and stitchings really keeps my eyes looking at every inch of this masterpiece. You were very smart to take in your work so the Dr. could understand what you deal with. May your new glasses be a huge improvement and allow you to stitch without getting a sore neck. Creative CQ Bliss...

  8. I'm wondering why he didn't prescribe progressive lenses right off. I've had them for years -- one section for reading, the next for midrange and the rest for distance. When I explained that as an artist I needed rapid changes from close to midrange, he got it right off and ordered my lenses from a house that makes a bigger midrange area than the average.

    I have astigmatism in each eye, each one different, same problem as yours. Contacts impossible partly because of this partly because allergies affect my eyes a lot. Oh well. I hope the new specs work for you. It's very hard to have to work in spite of your specs rather than with them.

  9. And I forgot to admire your work, sorry, got carried away with my indignation over your vision problems! it's lovely. The work, not the vision.

  10. beautiful stitching. love the bright colors. yay....for the glasses. i only have one good eye and it took lots of talking and experimenting to resolve my eyeglass issues so i can sympathize with the lack of understanding. glad you sorted it out. determination is the key.

  11. Yay! I hope the new glasses are the perfect solution and I am so glad that the doctor was able to understand the issue. :)

    Your fall pillow cover if beautiful!

  12. What a beautiful reveal! Love your cushion Mary Anne... I am sure it will look beautiful is your home. Good luck with the glasses! Christine x

  13. Gosh I love this piece. Such diverse techniques and so much color. Love it.

    I have trifocal glasses. Luckily they solve the problem with looking at different distances. I'm getting a cataract on my left eye and the vision in my left eye has deteriorated even since I got new glasses in the spring. I'll be getting surgery when necessary. Sometimes the situation hinders being able to focus. I sure hope your glasses solve your problem. Bravo for you to find a way to make the doc understand what your issue WAS!!
    xx, Carol

  14. Lovely finish and glad to hear you've got some resolution on the subject of proper glasses and our addiction of stitching!!

  15. I am sooooo happy I stopped by. I have the same problem with my glasses. I think next time I go to the eye Dr I will do the same thing! Let me know how the new glasses work out. I adore your halloween stitching!

  16. AWESOME! Awesome for the fall finish - it really looks wonderful. And awesome to be creative when the eye doc just didn't get it.

  17. Hi Mary Anne,
    Long time no see!
    I have a lot to do other than being creative since I became a widow. It will soon be a year, hard to believe.
    Things are moving along and now that I'm 80 I had to take my drivers test......I passed😀🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶
    I wanted to see what you have been doing lately and your crazy patch is fabulous ..
    I hope your new glasses are the answer to your frustration......I find my eyes get tired when I bead for too long.
    I also love the bag on your heading.
    I have been trying to clear out extra stuff from my studio! What a job! glad when I'm done with it so I can get back to creating.
    Plan to stay in my house as long as I'm able.
    If I can get my laptop to do what I want I could do some blogging again. Having trouble with pictures....sigh!
    Better go for now

  18. Now that's an Autumn bounty if ever I saw one. Beautifully designed with lots of eye candy.
    I hope you have great success with the glasses and literally find stitching not to be a pain in the neck anymore.

  19. What gorgeous work, so pretty and lots of detail to admire. Hope the glasses get sorted out.

  20. I feel your frustration re the glasses. I actually find it easier to remove mine for reading...they cost me a small fortune too so what was the point!!


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