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Monday, October 26, 2015

A mish mash (more commonly known as 'mumblings')

Did you happen to notice anything untoward happening in the sky on the weekend?  Fluffy rose-coloured clouds?  The moon bouncing up and down?  If not, you missed all the excitement at Chez Magpie!

Some of you might remember that I've been spending a large amount of time typing my old family diaries covering the time period between 1869 and 1943.  Book one (called 'Self Doing Naught') was published in 2010 and was approximately 450 pages long.  It was the diary of my great-great grandfather.  After that I started typing the diaries of his son (my great uncle).  I had the first of those books ('Did Little But The Chores') published earlier this year (although it was actually ready for publication a year ago) and it came in at 500 pages.  Phew!

Well, the excitement on the weekend was that I put the last piece of type into those books and now 'Did Little But The Chores - Volume Two' is ready to send off to the publisher.  It was 'only' 340 pages in length!!    Approximately seven years of my life - a labour of love from start to end.  I will miss my daily immersion in farming life of days gone by, but am so happy that I have finished the project.  Guess what - now I have more time to stitch!!

In order to make this post a little bit interesting with a picture, how about I show you what the resident cook (not moi!!!) made for supper last night?

These are garlic-stuffed potatoes - done in the slow cooker.

oooh boy  - were they ever good!!!

Today your quote is from A. A. Milne:  "What is say is that, if a man really likes potatoes, he must be a pretty decent sort of fellow"


  1. "Did little but the chores" could easily be my daily motto. And sometimes, that's a GOOD day! Congratulations on your successful completion of a huge project. That is an impressive amount of work over an impressive length of time!

  2. Congratulations on achieving a milestone!! You're lucky to have the diaries..some of us( that includes me) have no idea about our family history . The potatoes look yum. I'll google for the recipe :)

  3. How exciting Mary Anne! What a wonderful achievement and such a lovely thing to have done. Congratulations! Christine x PS. Those potatoes do look good!

  4. I never thought of doing jacket potatoes in the slow cooker. They are one of my favourite meals, (with low fat fromage frais) and if they are cooked in a microwave they just don't taste the same. By the way, I love reading diaries, I've been keeping one since I was in my teens...not consistently alas, but they make very interesting reading, as I have great difficulty in relating to the person who wrote them. lol. Is there any way that we, here in the UK, can obtain copies of your ancestors diaries? They must be fascinating. One of my favourite books is 'The diaries of Evelyn Waugh' It's amazing that he found any time to write. Blessings.

  5. How exciting to have all that family history - wonderful!

  6. Golly you've come to the end?
    Well now its your turn to record what your up to, what your stitching and finding out about?
    100 years from now a relative o yours may well be interested and inspired from reading your words!

  7. oh garlic potatoes......yum. We can have those when I come for tea...


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