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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

...and they called her the streak.....,

...fastest thing on two feet....
Lookit that, lookit that....

(and now, if you have that song running through your head, I claim no responsibility!!)

Never let it be said that, after 36 years of marriage, I don't still have the ability to shock the daylights out of my husband.  And never let it be said that I don't, at times, even shock myself!!

I got my hair cut.  In and of itself that's no big deal, right?  Well.....coming home with a purple streak in it probably was just a BIT surprising.  ooooops. 

Oh well, sometimes it's fun to set the locals on their ear.

Here's some more pages from my garden journal....

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And, speaking of comments, I was asked if there was any handmade paper in this journal, and the answer is yes, but not made by moi.

Today the quote is from Emile Zola.... "If you ask me what I came into this world to do, I will tell you:  I came to live out loud"


  1. Pretty pages, Mary Anne! I love all the laces you've added!

    Barbara xx

  2. I forgot to say, "I love purple". When I was 17 ish I had the front of my hair coloured some sort of red colour - I am a brunette - it was fashionable at the time! Not sure what my mum thought. So, well done, purple sounds great!

    Barbara xx

  3. So, pix of the purple streak???

  4. Oh I would love to see you with that purple streak. I would have the most beautiful Peacock colored hair if only I were just a bit younger. Your garden journal is wonderful. Creative Bliss...

  5. Do you know this poem about growing old? I recognise myself in a lot of it too; I still don't spit, but I certainly "hoard things in boxes", but then, don't we all here?!
    Beautiful collection in your garden book: overflowing, just like my ideal garden!

  6. C'mon Mary Anne, we all need to see the streak that shocks.

    More great pages to enjoy.

  7. Oh you are a scream....purple streak and all!! So happy you are not the shy, retiring type. =) As for your journal....more lovely pages!!

  8. Hello Mary Anne! Your journal pages are beautiful and I love that you dared to go purple! Go Mary Anne! Christine x

  9. The journal is beautiful, but where is the picture of the purple streak?

  10. I bet your hair is darling with that purple streak! Last summer, I wanted to dye mine pink. My hairdresser is a friend of mine and just couldn't bring herself to do it - lol! Have fun with it!

  11. Mary Anne I have really enjoyed viewing all the pages in the journal of your garden book and it really is a large one at that. Did you use the coptic binding method for binding your pages. I love the handmade paper in it with all your lovely lace touches and photos. A lot of work which you will always treasure!
    The Autumn cushion is gorgeous. Your stitching is so beautiful to see. I am sure you will be using some of this in your new book!!??
    Thank you heaps for sharing all of this with us.
    A bit late getting here and I do apologize! I do need to slow my creativity down a cog I think.
    x Suzy

  12. A couple of my friends have been going thru the pink and purple streak faze, love it.
    Your journal is beautiful.

  13. Purple streak! sounds so awesome!

  14. love the sound of your purple streak...if only i was brave enough...


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