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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

A bunch of mumblings, and stuff

Today I have a whole bunch of things to share with you, so hopefully you have a cuppa your favourite beverage to indulge in as you read!

First of all, don't forget to enter my giveaway HERE, which I will be drawing for on Friday.  Entries close tomorrow, so don't put it off if you want your name in to win the book!  And remember that you have to leave a comment on that post (not this one) in order to be entered (oh yeah - and make sure I have a way to reach you too!).

In my travels about the internet I've come across a few things that might be of interest...

1.  The newest issue of the free Online Quilt Magazine is now live and you can see it HERE

2.  There's an article HERE about pocket prayer shawls - a concept I think is wonderful.  Wouldn't it be nice to give little reminders of prayers being said to those you know are in need?

3.  Judy Cooper posted a cheap and cheerful way to store your bobbins and you can see that HERE.

4.  There are a number of things that have popped up on the C&T Publishing site recently and you can go HERE for a little tutorial on primitive applique, HERE for a tutorial on making continuous bias binding  and HERE to find a cute little tutorial for a maple leaf.

5. Mary Corbet has had several interesting posts the past week or so (well, all her posts are interesting, but I thought you might find these particularly helpful)... Go HERE for an article on the mysteries of using a pull skein;  and HERE for an article on Dorset buttons; and HERE for an additional article about prepping embroidery floss for use.

And last, but not least, here's some more pictures of the garden journal...

Are you sick of it yet??

I did try to have a picture of the progress on my crazy quilt
fall pillow for you today - the picture is on my computer, but
it will not orient itself correctly onto my blog, despite
my best efforts.  Maybe tomorrow.  Fingers crossed!!

This quote came from an anonymous source.... "Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come"


  1. Your garden journal is gorgeous, love seeing it! I particularly liked Mary's tip about pulling the thread. I had noticed some cottons indicated where to pull but it was a great reminder, very useful!

    Barbara xx

  2. Your book is so pretty and colourful. I really like it. I'm doing Suziequs course at the moment and really loving it. Blessings

  3. My dear you have truly found some gems and I will need to come back after I complete my morning appointments and errands. Love your Garden Journal. Creative Blissful Autumn...

  4. I am really enjoying your journal Mary Anne... thank you for sharing it!! Thank you for all those wonderful links.... however do you find the time to trawl the net looking for them?! Christine x

  5. Thanks for the mention, Mary Ann.


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