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Friday, September 11, 2015

Well, you know what they say

Those of you who are crazy quilters know that there really are no rules and that pretty much anything goes, and for the most part that's quite true.  I considered not showing you this.  I thought about frogging it and I thought about covering it up and starting again so you wouldn't know what I did.  However, in the interest of full disclosure....

Can you see what I did?

Here's a small hint...

The fence and flowers are good - I like the pattern and it turned out well.  It fit perfectly in the section of fabric I was trying to fill.  BUT it's tilted the wrong way to suit the overall  piece.  Do you see what I mean in the first picture?  The fence itself is lined up with the seam line below it, which normally would be fine.  The pumpkin below it works okay (and it is lined up with the seam line).  But (and here's the problem), the fence/flowers motif simply does not look right.  It sticks out.  It hurts the composition.  It hurts my eyes to look at it.  (and I don't want to hear you tell me that it's okay because I know it isn't).

There are several options at this point.  I could unpick all those little cross stitches (which would take forever and would leave holes in the fabric that would be visible later on).  I could applique another piece of fabric over top and start again, but that would involve the tree I've already stitched on the left and I really like that tree. 

Although it's not ideal, I do have a solution (or at least I think I do!)  and I will show you that tomorrow. 

Today your quote is from Scott Adams.... "Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.  Art is knowing which ones to keep"


  1. I look forward to seeing your solution since I think it looks OK.

  2. Okay you don't wanna hear this... but I still love it. It's going to be another beautiful crazy quilt. I'm curious though what your solution will be.


  3. And good art is knowing which ones to repeat, letting go of your original plan to allow in a better one.. Just sayin'

  4. What can I say?
    You said I couldn't say what I want to!
    You have such an eye for design MA - do you add more stitching - yes/no?!
    Only a CQ like you can answer that!
    I'll say it anyway - I love it.... ha ha!
    Shane x

  5. Couldn't you X stitch another flower that's drooping into the fabric portion to the right, to balance the fence and flowers piece? Or stitch some ivy trailing down and into that same section?
    Surely it can be salvaged!!

  6. Great quote! I'm telling myself that too, ... all the time!

  7. I must admit even to my untrained non CQ knowledgeable eye I did see the angle is off. I shall be most curious to see how you solve this in order to satisfy your poor eyes. Another great quote today...thank you.

  8. A fence? No, no. It's a florist's gift box viewed from the front angle.

  9. Ooooh....I am excited to see the solution since I spend half my life fixing up creatively things I make mistakes about. I think of it as just being part of the journey. Ha..!

  10. I see you came to a solution in your above post.
    You did make me giggle abit here MA ...
    guess this was just a little too "crazy" for you this way -

  11. Lovely post Mary Anne, quote and all, well said!

  12. Well, silly me! I don't often terar out even when I'm not too happy as I learn CQ. For me, a mistake like that adds character and is a reminder to my A-type personality that I CAN leave well enough alone. I'll be interested to see your next post.
    xx, Carol

  13. it still charms me, but as you say...if it hurts your eyes you are best to alter it, to be comfortable with your work...


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