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Friday, September 04, 2015

I have finished the tree I showed you yesterday - I think.  I may add a few more green leaves to it just to help 'lift' it from the background a little more.  I also have a cute little owl button I plan to perch in the tree.

 I removed the waste canvas and then simply added lazy daisy stitches for leaves in various 'fall-ish' colours.  I also wrapped the tree trunk with another shade of brown to give it additional interest.

Unfortunately the true colours aren't showing in these photos and this next picture is a little blurry.  I've had a huge struggle getting these pictures to post to the blog right-size up, so I was happy to get as much as I did!

Stem stitch leaves,  spider web and buttonhole wheel stitches for the grapes, and couched metallic thread for the curlicues.

Pause here for a slight rant - Just had to buy a new cell phone, which in itself is not a bad thing (despite the fact that it's very rarely used and is just over two years old and shouldn't have needed replacing).  I buy the absolute cheapest thing I can find because it's just kept for emergencies and the odd very short call.  I don't have any desire to surf the web on my phone, and nor do I use it as my primary means of contact.  The rant part of this comes from the fact that I stood in the store for over an hour while one (one!!) person waited on several people - two of which she assisted ahead of me because their needs were 'short'.  Waa??  Another employee assessed each persons needs and that's the order they were looked after.  If I hadn't already been standing there for a very long time by that point I would have walked out.  I stuck it out because I imagine the line-up will be the same no matter when I went.  One of the 'perks' of living in a small town is that there isn't a whole lot of choice and you're pretty much stuck.  There....rant over.

Today the quote is from Sister Elizabeth Kenny....."As a girl my temper often got out of bounds.  But one day when I became angry at a friend over some trivial matter, my mother said to me, "Elizabeth, anyone who angers you conquers you"     I think I should have read those words before I went to the phone store!!


  1. I never shop in a store for a phone. I buy direct from my wireless provider's website: tracfone wireless. All kinds of phones at all kinds of levels. Mine makes calls and texts and that's all I use it for. No waiting when you shop onsite! I have no landline, but in all the years I've used tracfone wireless they have dropped exactly ONE call! not bad. I would never go into a store and wait for people to decide whether to serve me!

  2. Customer Service is so lacking in this world we live in. You should not have had to wait over an hour to buy a new phone! This is a very good quote to remember. Lovely stitching dear.

  3. Sounds such a waste of time all that queuing and so frustrating! I love the quote for today.... very good advice! Love your tree... it is looking beautiful! :) x

  4. Living in a small town isn't a good excuse for bad customer service. I'd do lots of complaining. But that's just me! I can't tolerate bad customer service. I can't complain about your pretty tree though!

  5. Aaah....sometimes customer service is a little lacking isn't it. BUT....on a positively happy note, your tree is sprouting ever so lovely. It looks perfect on that fabric.

  6. What a fabulous tree, and it 'grows' so well out of that background fabric.
    Love the bunch of grapes too - spider web wheels are great fun, one of my favourite textured stitches.

  7. I've known that quote for a long time, and try to live by it! I feel the same way about my cell phone. I thing the manufactures put something in phones that kills them off at 2 years because we have never had one that lasted longer than that. We use Verizon and have always purchased our phones on line. In the past that was how you got the best deal, but I have read that there will no longer be free phones with a 2 yr contract.

    I named your tree "a happy tree". The colors may not be accurate but it's lovely and colorful on my monitor.
    xx, Carol

  8. I really love your tree. Oh, my! And a little owl in it will be sweet, too.

    Your saying hit home with me. It's been a whole weekend of swallowing what I wanted to say, and desperately trying to keep the peace within the family. It's tough reasoning away why people anger us sometimes, but helps. I've also decided to not always 'allow' people the opportunity of making me angry by trying to lightly diffuse the situation before it gets to that point. I admit I drove out of a food pick up line today after waiting 10 minute and not moving. You probably hit it on the nail about waiting the phone store out, but actually deserve a kudos. I could not have done it.

  9. Your embroidery is exquisite and gorgeous! And oh dear the waiting and waiting when you have to shop for a phone you hardly use... You know, they make the phones to last only for a duration of a contract so you have to buy a new one with your new contract. Mine always die after two years, very coincidentally... not. Wishing you a beautiful day, hugs

  10. Love the tree, looking so pretty.

  11. don't get me started on customer service, or the lack of it. Over here it doesn't matter how big the town, it's as if the customer is an inconvenience.


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