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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Yesterday - and today

A couple of people were interested in knowing where I got all the sewing supplies I showed you yesterday, so here you go...... A Great Notion Sewing Supply Ltd., which is a Canadian company based in Surrey, British Columbia (  They have a print catalogue as well as a web site.

If you are interested in the fork pins, hopefully this link will take you directly to them on their web site...

Today I was in a bit of limbo with The Quilt-zzzz, needing to purchase some additional fabric for the borders on the second quilt, so I thought it was an ideal time to piece together a new hussif project.  This one will have an Oriental theme, so with that in mind, I stash-dove and came up with enough pieces to create this...

Left Side

It's hard to get a picture of the entire thing, so you will have to use your imagination and 'piece' these two pictures together!

Can you see the blue piece of fabric (with the pin in it) on the right side of the lower picture?   That's a piece of my mother's wedding dress that she wore over 60 years ago.  Not Oriental perhaps, but beautiful all the same.
Right Side             

Today your quote is by Anonymous....  "If you can't find the bright side in life, polish the dull side"


  1. oh....nice. that bird in the second photo is similar to a bird i just stitched onto a pouch.

  2. Anonymous5:15 AM

    What lovely fabrics - you are very lucky to have such pretty stash pieces! Despite having a cupboard-full of fabrics - there's nothing quite so beautiful as yours in there! Lol.

  3. Hello Mary Anne! Love your new blocks... looking forward to seeing this new project progress! :) x

  4. Thanks for the links. The fabric you are using is so pretty. There is just nothing more relaxing than stitching.
    xx, Carol

  5. The oriental theme will make a stunning hussif. Thanks for the links, and that great quote!

  6. Hi Mary Anne, Lovely fabrics! Looking forward to seeing what you make of these. Barbara xx

  7. I love the Asian fabrics, this is going to be good!

  8. I do love it when you make a hussif....nobody does it quite like you. (I feel a song coming on!!)

  9. Oh so pretty! Cant' wait to see what you do with this! and yes, I love the piece of fabric from your mom's wedding dress! It works nicely!


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