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Thursday, April 02, 2015

Thrifting find and announcement

Yesterday DH and I decided, because it was such a nice day, that we should skip town and hit a few of our favourite thrift stores.  Didn't find much (didn't need anything either!!) but I did come home with a sweet little tarnished silver pin dish.  Not sure if it's 'real' silver, but it looks great.  It leapt off the shelf and into my hands so how could I say no?


It measures about 6" across.

You all know by now that I help my friend Pam Kellogg of KittyandMeDesigns with her wonderful new 'Crazy Quilt Quarterly' magazine and she has just put up a sneak peek of the next issue on her blog.  It will be available for purchase May 1st on MagCloud, and I will certainly let you know all the details so you can order your copy.  This is a special issue devoted to seascapes and I know you will love it!!  Go HERE to see her post.

Today my quote is from Shakespeare... "If music be the food of love, play on" 


  1. Wow, the first quarter went fast didn't it. Time sure flies. You dish is very pretty. My daughter is the flea market queen. She can always find something cool or so much. I think its because I have so much already I don't want to bring more home. But I must admit that garage sales are starting and I am getting the itch!
    Happy Easter

  2. Now if that little bowl came my way it would end up on the wall along with various other sunflowers.

  3. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Love that dish - I can see why you bought it!

  4. Cute find! Good catch.

  5. Nice dish! Lucky you. I don't seem to find much in our charity stores these days, I keep looking though, you never know what you might find!

  6. Don't you love it when thrift shop finds, jump into your hands! 'Tis a very sweet little dish!

  7. Hello Mary Anne! Love the sweet little pin bowl that you found! Have a lovely Easter! :) x

  8. Always fun to visit the thrift stores...even when you don't find anything. Great little dish you found!

  9. how were very lucky to snap this one up Mary Anne


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