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Monday, April 06, 2015

Stubborn? Who me???

I don't think I'm stubborn.  Not at all.  No way. 

Of course there are some who would maybe, just maybe, argue that point somewhat - my husband, being one.  Especially after he's listened to me muttering loud and long over the creation of this...

White ribbon is not staying!!

'This' is the a crocheted baby dress that I have wanted to make for the longest time and finally have a reason to.  No, don't get excited, no more grandbabies on my horizon at the moment,  but my friend is expecting a wee granddaughter soon so this was the perfect pattern to make.

Or so I thought.

It seems to me that any pattern that is published in a reputable magazine should have been tested prior to publication.  You'd think.  Well, this one quite obviously wasn't.  Was.... not.  The person that wrote the pattern not only didn't use common crocheting terminology, but she also left just a LOT teeny little bit of room for 'creativity'.  Ummmm - Creativity, in that I had to re-write the entire pattern!!  There was much muttering, tearing out, and creative license taken to create what you see above.  There were even a couple of expletives (I assure you, they were ladylike). 

The end result is that I still love this little dress, but it's a one-off.  There will never be another one.

I can only carry stubbornness so far, after all!

Today's quote is from Charles Haddon Spurgeon.... "By perseverance the snail reached the ark"


  1. Perseverance and muttering .... oh, and swearing .... sounds just like me when I am doing things that are supposed to go together more or less easier than they do and I get ticked.... it's just our thing ...our territory I crafting types..... should that be we or us? ... I don't know, so I put them both..hahahhahha.....can't fool me ... I'm playing it safe...

    Guess what we have..... again....?? snowflakes .......

  2. Oh aren't those kinds of patterns frustrating!! Good for you for finishing it. Sometimes being stubborn is good. Of course, I myself know nothing about being stubborn... lol. And besides, I prefer to think about it as being persistent. ;)

  3. That would drive me nuts because I'm a rookie at crochet. Especially if I went out and bought expensive yarn to make it only to fail.

  4. Hello Mary Anne, well even if the journey was a difficult one, the end result is lovely! :) x

  5. It's beautiful, sorry for all your frustration. Congratulations, you did finish it!

  6. I'm glad you ended up with a lovely finished project, despite the difficulties! It would have been So Much Worse to get well into it and then not have the skill, or the um, steadfastness(!) to work through the problems "creatively." Well done you!
    It's very, very, VERY sweet!

  7. From one crocheter to another, you have done an awesome job working through this pattern. I would say you have stamina and determination.

  8. An email to the magazine seems to be in order. Cute dress though!

  9. MA, the dress is lovely despite the headache of rewriting the pattern. I had that exact same thing happen to me with a knitting pattern I purchased on Revelry. The author didn't get back to me for quite some time and in the meantime I rewrote the chart. The good thing is I learned to chart a pattern!

  10. oh so sweet it is.....don't say never again. i've said that too and went and did it again on several patterns. i guess i must have forgotten about the first time round after so much time had passed.

  11. Oh yes, I do understand - I read a quote years ago that I quite liked that seems fitting here: "the difference between obstinance and perseverance is that one comes from a strong will and the other from a strong won't".
    It's appaling how many patterns in the crafting world are cranked out without being tested - I got bit while making a quilted wall-hanging and the flippant apology on the designer's website made me all the angrier... I search for pattern corrections now before tackling any commercial patterns whatsoever.
    Good for you for pushing on - it's adorable!

  12. I hate it when patterns don't work! You are resilient and talented because this little dress looks perfect. But it would be a one timer for me to. Crochet is supposed to be RELAXING!
    xx, Carol

  13. oh it's so beautiful though!! I would love to hear your ladylike expletives!!

  14. I have heard this complaint about published patterns alot lately. Maybe they are in a hurry to have something to publish and don't take the time to work a sample up. I am proud of you for working through the errors as your finished product is really sweet and sure to become a keepsake.

  15. The dress is so sweet. Well done in the patience and pattern re-writing challenges.
    Ladylike cursing is definitely allowed in these circumstances.
    My 2 efforts at crocheting (good patterns) were so bad I won't attempt more.
    I doubt any amount of cursing would have helped.

  16. I'm so happy you persevered because this little dress turned out just darling! Your friend will love it! xo

  17. Anonymous10:07 AM

    I was busy all day yesterday and didn't see this post until this morning. Knowing now what you went through to complete this beautiful dress is unbelievable. I can only say thank you, thank you. I would have given up for sure. My daughter will be absolutely thrilled. She is a very lucky girl and so am I to have a friend like you. Thanks again for all your very hard work. MEK

  18. I'm so glad you persevered even through the blue air- the result is so pretty. I wouldn't have had the skill to do that, so give yourself a good shoulder pat. I'm still at the stage where I find the simplest pattern overwhelming.


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