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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Fast Friends and Publications

Last week I received a lovely email from Veronica who has been making the cutest little Dotee dolls that I have been admiring from afar.  She told me that Roxy wanted to come and live with me and she has arrived and is settling in quite nicely.  She and Pearl-y are fast friends already and have been sharing all sorts of confidences and secrets ever since she arrived.  See?....

Dotee Dolls were the original creation of Dot Christian and have become very popular all over the world.

Go HERE to visit Veronica and read her post about the creation of Roxy (while you're there, explore her blog and you will meet all sorts of little Dotees!).  Thank you SO much Veronica - I love her!!

Yesterday we drove over (four hours each way!) to pick up my books.  I am so happy to have that project finished and out of the way. I can't celebrate too much though, because there's still another one to go, equally as long (this one is 500 pages).

40 copies of these equals a LOT of weight!!!

Today the quote is from Joseph Chilton Pearce.... "To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong"


  1. hahhaha.... there she is ...having some fun already.... I can't believe how quickly she got to your end of the used to take more like 10 days ... but, it's a good thing....

    Glad you are enjoying her Magpie... that's why I made them...just to add some fun and colour to a day......

  2. .. and.... is there a blog post where I can read more about this book? ........

  3. I love those Dotee dolls, not sure how you pronounce the name Dotee, I have been an admirer of Dotee dolls for a while. When my handicraft group announced we were going to have a project this April making Rag Dolls I did wonder if I could make a Dotee doll, but I'm not sure it would count really!

    Your photo album is lovely, a real treasure!

    Barbara xx

  4. What a cute little doll! I am sure she has found a nice home! :) x

  5. Congrats on getting your book done. Looks like Roxy had a great trip and is settling in well.

  6. I am not surprised at all that Roxy has made herself at home with you and Pearl-y. Really you drove all that way for your

  7. Yeah!!! The book is published and in your hot little hands! Love the dolls!

  8. Congrats on the book!
    (And the title on the next project would certainly be a common entry in my diary, if I kept one!)

  9. Roxy looks very happy in her new home. Whew! A long drive to pick up your books! Yeah.

  10. Great book news ....... your resolve is praiseworthy but what a feast of family history for your grandchild!

  11. lucky Dottie....will you spoil her? will you make her cake?

  12. so cute for sure and good luck with your book! :)


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