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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mumblings, of the announcement sort

I'm posting early today because it has come to my attention that I needed to let you know about the latest free crazy quilt online class by Kathy Shaw (Shawkl) that's open for registration.  Registration closes later today so you'll have to hurry if you want to sign up (so sorry I didn't get this out there sooner!).  Anyway, this class is one of her intermediate ones (Piecing CQ Blocks) and you must have completed her beginner's class in order to register.  Her classes are free and are absolutely chock-full of information and gentle guidance.  I highly recommend them!  Go HERE for further info.

The other announcement I have is that Pam Kellogg (Kitty and Me Designs) and the owner of the 'Crazy Quilt Quarterly' magazine has put the call out for submissions for the autumn issue.  If you've done anything that is fall related in crazy quilting, please consider forwarding photos of your work to her for possible inclusion in the magazine.  She's also looking for tutorials, so if you create something that might be of interest to her readers please let her know.  The magazine is only as successful as the crazy quilt community makes it, so don't be shy! We want to see your work (and I can say from experience that it's a thrill to see what you've done in print!!).   Go HERE for submission guidelines.

Pam is also looking for advertising content for the magazine.  If you would like to promote your blog, your etsy shop, your stitch group, or if you sell CQ supplies the magazine is a great way to do it.  Go HERE for further information on that.

I haven't had time to create anything that I can include as a photo for
you today, so how about this....

Today's quote is from Joan Bauer.... "Too many people try to fake their way through life.  That's why the real ones shine so brightly"


  1. Here I am bright and jolly visiting you from Singapore, I hope you have a good week, looks like there is quite a bit to be done on the quilting front! Good to see that you are still talking to me, or maybe you are just mumbling about me after my current post!! Ha ha.
    Love the photo today!
    Wren x

  2. Hello Mary Anne! Kathy's classes really are fabulous so you are doing a great job sharing the link! Can't you just relate to the dog in that photo... there are days when we all feel like that! Enjoy your day! :) x

  3. Love that photo-- it made me laugh out loud. I have days like that, too......

  4. Cute dog picture! Sometimes I feel like that :)

  5. Love that picture!!
    Thanks for the smile
    xx, Carol

  6. oh, boy.... can I relate to that little guy some days!!

  7. your picture made me laugh. I can't adult any day!! Maybe I will get the hang of it when I grow up...


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