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Monday, March 02, 2015

The mailman brought something else!!

I am indeed a lucky girl with what the mailman is dropping off in my mailbox the past few days!  I was fortunate enough to win a lovely piece of art courtesy of Liz (aka Boud) from 'Beautiful Metaphor' blog and her giveaway for the Grow Your Blog party and it arrived on Friday.  Anyone who is familiar with Liz knows that she lives with a very active bunch of Dollivers who keep her on her toes and so my Ellyron had to get into the spirit of things and pose with the lovely piece of artwork Liz sent (entitled 'Tidepool')....

And here is a better closeup of 'Tidepool'

Unfortunately, for reasons unknown to me, my
new photo program absolutely refused to let
me rotate or crop this picture, so it's 
upside down!
 There is goldwork and lots of sparklies on this!

Just as an interesting aside note, Liz lives in the US (we've never met) and I am friends with her sister Irene who lives not far from me.  Small world!     Thank you so much Liz - I will treasure this (and promise I will hang it right side up!!). 

Today the quote is from James McCay.... "No matter what level of your ability, you have more potential than you can ever develop in a lifetime"


  1. Hello Mary Anne! How exciting to have won something so special! :) x

  2. That's lovely! and thank Ellyron for posing obligingly as per request. I doubt if the Dollivers want a dragon, so we're safe there.

    I hope you enjoy this artwork. I had a lot of pleasure working it.

  3. Beautiful artwork!!! So pretty!

  4. What a nice piece to win!!!

  5. Very lovely! It was wonderful watching it develop, and seeing it here is a perfect finish.

    ~ Mare, in California

  6. What a lovely tidepool. Looks even better while standing on my head LOL.

  7. The land of Blog is indeed a very small world. More happy are one very lucky gal!

  8. Congratulations! I love your tidepool, and speaking of "small world"...I follow Boud's other blog, Field and Fen, and I won her giveaway of another piece of marvelous stitchery: dazzling golden acorns!
    But - as they say - that's not all!!
    Boud simultaneously won MY giveaway of felted woolen stars from the Snow Leopard Trust in Mongolia!
    A small and magical world :)

  9. oh this is are lucky! and yes, it's a very small world indeed.


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