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Friday, March 06, 2015

Today? Great mail. Tomorrow....back to pizza flyers!

Yes, the mailman brought me something wonderful yet again!  I was lucky enough to win another giveaway on the Grow Your Blog party and the mailman brought some beautiful polymer clay creations from Guadalupe of Gems PC Corner !!

First of all, the package itself
was so cute!!

Do you see the sweet little polymer bird house?

Inside, I found all these treasures...

There's a lovely necklace in my favourite colour (blue)
and some buttons and charms for use in my
crazy quilting.

Yes, I'm a lucky lucky girl!!

Thank you  Lupe!!!!

Today the quote is a Malayan Proverb..... "One can pay back the loan of gold, but one dies forever in debt to those who are kind"


  1. Hello Mary Anne! Your were very lucky and what wonderful prizes you have won! :) x

  2. What a wonderful win! You will enjoy those unique creations!

  3. Wow! Such wonderful treasures! Lupe's work is fabulous. :)

    Once again, your quote is oh so true!

  4. Those buttons are so sweet! I'm sure you'll love using them.

  5. More fun stuff for you!

  6. Oh my golly gosh, do you win the prize for winning the most GYB prizes?! Can you send me some pizza flyers so I have something in my letterbox?!!!
    Lucky you and wonderful winnings, Congratulations.
    Wren x

  7. Oh smashing! What a lovely gift : )

  8. Lucky, lucky you! These are lovely.

  9. Hi Mary Anne, You have been lucky. What lovely prizes. I'm sure you will have fun using all these! x

  10. Congratulations Mary Anne. Well done.
    I'm sure you will have great delight in finding ways to use the fabulous treasures.

  11. Oh, what luck! Your prizes are not only wonderful, but how nice that they are geared just for you.

  12. Way cool!! So excited that you won a great prize!! (If you don't play-- you can't win!!) thank you for being a part of the blog party success!


  13. You are indeed one lucky girl! Those buttons will find a home on one of your beautiful blocks!

  14. Wow!! great loot. Very pretty buttons.
    xx, Carol


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