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Friday, March 13, 2015

Two M's

Today I have nothing to show you (because who wants to see the growing pile of 2 1/2" strip sets for 'The Quilts').  If you really feel the need, please feel free to scroll down to the previous post!

Instead, we will do more math and I will mumble a little bit.

I know - the thrills at Chez Magpie's Mumblings
just go on and on.

First up is the mumbling.  I have come across an absolutely adorable owl pattern found HERE on Ann Wood's site.  I want one!!  Or maybe more than one.  Maybe even a whole parliament of them!!  I have long been an admirer or Ann's incredible owls and now she's kindly offering a pattern to make one of your very own.  

For those of you that own a sewing machine and like to keep it in tip top shape, there's a good article HERE for fixing various problems you might run into.

My friend Pam Kellogg has posted a great tutorial on the use of shibori ribbon in your crazy quilts and that can be found HERE.    

Pam is also looking now for submissions for inclusion in the Fall issue of the Crazy Quilt Quarterly magazine and the guidelines are HERE.  Please do send in pictures of your work and consider writing an article on a technique that you enjoy.  Continued success of the magazine not only relies on people purchasing it, but also on your support by contributing to it.  Don't be shy - let us see what you do.  I promise that you'll feel thrilled to have your work in print and we'll be thrilled to see it!

Now for the other 'M' - some more math (quit yer groanin'....if I gotta suffer, so do you!!).  Did you know that, in order to finish up all the strips sets for The Quilts, I will have to sew a minimum of 250 42 inch seams?    Did you know that is equal to 10,500 inches?  Yep, bet you were real excited to know that.  

Heaven knows you deserve blessings for 
putting up with me!!!

Today the quote is from Sr. Mary Christelle Macaluso.... "If you have made another person on this earth smile, your life has been worthwhile"


  1. Well, first of all, I am one of those who cut and sew. I doubt very much that I would get very far if I had to cut out the whole quilt before sewing it up. Numbers and me don't go together very well. Love the quote and all I can come up with is the program "Just for Laughs" out of Montreal. I watched it last night and there were tears in my eyes because I was laughing so much.

  2. So this is a sane quilt. Well you've made us smile so now you can consider your life worth while!

  3. Hello Mary Anne! Thank you for the links and for your mumblings! Love reading them!! :) x

  4. I was thinking SANE quilt? too. But I'm going to make a sane quilt too soon, but I don't think, no I KNOW it will not involve those thin strips...LOL
    xx, Carol

  5. Also, I'd aleady been looking at those owls...should I...shouldn't I? Decisions, decisions...

  6. Thanks for your tips and comments. I always think it's pleasant to visit you and see what you're up to.

  7. Oh, the sewing of the quilt is not my favorite part. I fear if I knew how many inches I would have to sew, a bit of dread may set in! You are so brave to make those calculations. ;)

    Once again, I love your quote. Sometimes, I wonder how life would be if everyone woke up and made it their goal to see how many smiles they could inspire throughout the course of each day.

  8. Hi Mary Anne

    Thank you for the links, mumblings and quotes - they are always good to read! X

  9. A very interesting post MA!
    Especially the machine problem section - a good reminder.
    The blunt needle is often the culprit with me - I've got a stash of all sizes and I should note down somewhere when I change them!
    LOVE those owls and they look very straight forward!
    I think I would go dotty doing those strips - good for you!

  10. what? more math? nooooooo!

  11. I love that pattern of Ann's as well, and her ships - I have to make one of her ships!!
    Good luck with your strip-sewing... you have more fortitude than I that's for sure!

  12. please don't mention those strips again! It brings back memories of the maths!!


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