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Friday, June 13, 2014

Nearly done......

.....the great secret project of 2014!! 

I put the last stitch into it today and there's just some finishing details to complete and it will be done.  That means that this blog will return to the previously scheduled programming!  Exciting, huh?

I've been meaning to show you a couple of things I've added to my stitching arsenal over the past while.  The first one is a set of threads and bobbins that I picked up through the Regal catalogue.  It's amazing how often I need just a little bit of thread in a certain colour and this kit is just the ticket.  Each colour has a matching pre-wound metal bobbin. 

Who sez adults can't play with toys meant for children?  This lovely little light box is manufactured by Crayola and is meant for kids to use to trace pictures to colour.  It works just as well to trace stitching patterns for stitchers.  Bonus!

Today's quote from anonymous....  "Life is in the living, every hour of every day"


  1. Thanks for the post. I think I'll be putting that Crayola light box on my b-day, Christmas list. Not that anyone ever reads it. ;-)

  2. Wow...I wouldn't mind having that set of threads....and spools:) I hate winding spools. I do have a huge box of thread inherited from my mum but sometimes you just need that wee bit that you don't have.

  3. Looking forward to seeing that secret project!

  4. natty lightbox that, a great find!

  5. I'm coveting both your new toys and your new grandson!! How is he?

  6. Omgosh- the spool collection is gorgeous! What a wonderful display of colors!

    Ok-I'm impressed. My little grand daughter has one of these toys and I never once gave it any thought about a more practical use for me!! That's pretty cool!!



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