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Friday, June 06, 2014

Quilting......of a sort

Everybody knows that crazy quilting is my 'thing' and sane quilting doesn't enter into my realm very often.  I stumbled across this cute 'bug' fabric in our local store and just HAD to buy it for our grandson.  Daddy (our son) is rather strange in his likes and threatened me that there was to be NO baby blue or baby pink for any kid of his.  Well - bugs outta fit the bill, don't you think?

Please don't look at my quilting efforts too closely!

Above is the front.

Wonder of wonders, I happened to be in another
store and stumbled across a buggy flannelette
which was perfect for the backing, and found 
a pretty iridescent  pre-made bias binding.  Bonus!!

Here you can see a little of both the front and the
back fabric, as well as the binding...

Now all I have left to do is hope that the baby
isn't scared of bugs!
(if he is, maybe his daddy will need a security blankie of his own?)

Today's quote, author unkown, ....  "Life is not a someday thing or a one day thing.  It is a right now, every day thing" 


  1. LOL fab fabric and will be a lovely gift too : )

  2. Very cute:) I'm not for the pink and blue baby colour thing either.

  3. MA....nice rich colours in your new header

  4. Fab binding! Love the 'buggie' fabrics, too. Well done.

  5. Terrific looking baby quilt and he certainly won't be scared of bugs now with a quilt made of them :)

  6. this is lovely fabric Mary Anne...


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