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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy to say....

......that the reports of my early demise have been grossly exaggerated.

Yes, I survived the 'talk/trunk show'.  I didn't notice anybody topple off their chair having fallen asleep...nor did anybody get up and leave.  Several of the ladies even came up and thanked me afterwards (mind you, I'm not quite sure if they were actually thanking me for what I said or for the fact that I'd finally shut up).  I didn't want to ask because I was afraid of what the answer might be!  

This quilt guild is quite new, having been started to give an alternative meeting time to the afternoon guild which has a membership of over two hundred.  Not everyone is available to attend afternoon meetings, so it certainly is nice to be able to go at night.  Of course some of the ladies are now members of both.  The evening group seems like a fun group and I think they are doing some fun things.  Currently they are doing a year-long challenge - each participating member was given a baggie filled with small pieces of fabrics, some beads, buttons, lace and little bits and bobs and then they have a year to create 'something' using the contents of their bags (they can include other things from their own stash as well).  They gave the bags out last night and it was great fun to see what some of them got.  I get the honour of going back in a year and judging the challenge.  Hmmm....nice idea, in theory, but it might mean I'll have an entire roomful of ladies mad at me for not picking their creation!  

And, in further news, it appears that the upcoming (2nd) hussif workshop I will be teaching for the daytime guild has filled up with fifteen people having been deluded into thinking I might manage to teach them something about crazy quilting.  It also appears there is a distinct possibility of yet another waiting list being started to offer it a third time.  Who knew that there would be so much sudden interest in crazy quilting in this area? 

Obviously, from all this mumbling,
there was absolutely nothing creative done
around here today so therefore no pictures to be had.

Today's quote, courtesy of Suzy Szasz.... "Some misfortunes we bring upon ourselves; others are completely beyond our control.  But no matter what happens to us, we always have some control over what we do about it"


  1. Well, of course you did well, and of course they want you back, we all knew that!

    About judging next year: why not have several categories of best? most original, most traditional, most cutting edge, most colorful, etc. etc. you could spread the blame nicely that way. Just a thought.

  2. "and that night on your dressing room they hung a star"....

  3. Congrats on a great trunk show talk and another filled hussif class. I guess soon your local quilt show will begin having crazy quilts in it. :-)

  4. Well, of course it was a successful evening! Yay!

  5. Congratulations:) I wish there was a group somewhere around here. Sad really as when we first moved here there was quite an active arts and craft community. Neighborhoods change I guess.

  6. Sweetie, stop being so self-deprecating! You have a talent and it wants to be shared, and people like it and you, so cut the silly, and just Be and Do :)

  7. So glad the chat went well, knew it would mind you lol
    What a great idea to dole out the bags of bits, so did everyone get the same in the bags? It would be interesting to see how different they are when finished!

  8. Sounds very exciting to be able to share your passion and talents with like minded people in person!
    Enjoy ♥ Enjoy!
    I treasure my local art groups very much

  9. Oh, you are too funny! Of course they loved and want to pick your brain for all the stitching knowledge you have there. It will be fun to go back and judge next year...think of all the creations you will see and how those baggie items will have been used!

  10. well done!! a speech without anyone falling asleep...I know for sure that everyone falls asleep listening to me so what's your secret?

  11. well done!! a speech without anyone falling asleep...I know for sure that everyone falls asleep listening to me so what's your secret?

  12. Sounds Perfect. Well Done

  13. I'm glad that's over for you. Now it wasn't all that bad, was it?


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