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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A mish-mash of things for your reading pleasure (or not!)

Yesterday Jack and I had somewhat of a 'sanity day' and toodled off and explored.  Well, truthfully, the entire day wasn't total pleasure because Jack had to first go for his yearly physical bloodletting, but after that we had fun!  We hit our two absolute favourite thrift stores in quest of baby clothing cuteness for our expected grandbaby in June.  Wow - so much cute (and some of it came home with us to be washed thoroughly and packaged up to await the arrival of baby).  Then it was off to a place called 'Len's Mills' which is a grand place to explore.  My main quest there was to pick up some nice flannelette  to make some receiving blankets.  Mission was accomplished.  Then it was a pit stop to inhale the marvelous scents at the 'Grande Cheese Factory' outlet.  Mmmmm.  Of course some cheese managed to hop right on into our cart!!  Then it was off to have supper with our 'expectant' son and d-i-law.  All in all a perfect day!  Needless to say, however, no stitching was done.

And, this came to me via Ginette...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

And, finally, here's another quote...

"We must not give only what we have,
we must give what we are"
- Cardinal Mercia



  1. Installing spring..hahhahahha...yep.... 'zackly..... who was it that said, "Winter will end next winter"? .. ... oh, so close to the truth some years... we still have piles and piles of snow to melt... and the days are getting a bit warmer...but, just not enough to melt much...yet.....

  2. Glad you had a nice sanity day! Love the 'Installing Spring'! Wish it would work!


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