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Tuesday, January 07, 2014


Perhaps one or two of my faithful readership (!) might have noticed my absence from blogging for awhile.  My creative muse has gotten up and left the building and, with it being so darned cold here, I think it froze up and isn't willing to come back.  On top of that, my computer is suffering from hiccups and really needs to go to the computer doctor for a checkup and some medication. 

I haven't picked up a sewing needle since before Christmas which is absolutely unheard of for me.  I have managed to do a little knitting but that is minimal too.  Mindless staring at the tv seems to be about all I'm capable of at the moment, which is definitely NOT me either (normally I hate tv).  It seems my normal February blahs have hit early this year.

On another note, at least I've received a few things in the mail in the past couple of weeks that are rather interesting.  You might remember that I got a new bookcase just before Christmas after the demise of my old, well worn, Ikea model.  Now I have more space I really need to get more books in order to fill it....right??   So....

This book caught my eye for two's about crazy quilting AND I love the hexagon quilt that is shown throughout the book.   I would love to do one at some point.

Specs:  'Foolproof Crazy Quilting' by Jennifer Clouston,  published by C&T Publishing,  c.2013;  ISBN 978-1-60705-717-8

I have coveted this book ever since I first saw it reviewed on the internet.  All the instructions (and very detailed ones too) are in the book for not only making this lovely little house workbox, but also for a matching needlebook and eight other charming sewing accessories.  I don't think I have ever seen a book with such detailed instructions for every step along the way.  Love it!

Specs:  'Home Sweet Home.  An Embroidered Workbox' by Carolyn Pearce, published by Country Bumpkin Publications, c2011; ISBN 978-0980876703


  1. Love the look of the crazy quilt book. Those hexagons are fab.

  2. We all deserve a rest every once and a while. Perhaps you should try to do something completely different , to cleanse your pallette, sew to speak. Make something from one of your new books or just go shopping for something frivilous! New coloured pencils, some pretty yarn, or perhaps a button or two. Most of all, relax! It's just a short commercial break.

  3. You'll be getting your mojo back. We all need to kick back once in awhile. If I would stay off the computer I might get more done. Take care, Connie

  4. Sometimes what we need is just some mindless TV. Time goes by and then one day, we just have to do something. Perhaps the new books will inspire you.

  5. A hexagon crazy quilt sounds brilliant. :-)

  6. Both books look fantastic! I do love that little house.
    Your muse will be back soon...with all the beautiful stitching you have been doing, your muse needed a vacation!

  7. no sewing!!!!! you've got work to do girl!!!!

  8. Know how you feel. Just about time for a Great Escape perhaps.
    Those books look really interesting. See ya soon. Stay cool(!) and carry on.

  9. I absolutely LOVE the hex book. I received mine on Christmas Eve and it is definitely the most inspirational crazy quilt book I have ever seen for especially a beginner. I'm not sure I will use her method of piecing, but it will definitely be a guide. But I can see that with the stitch guide for each block I'll be learning new stitches. CQ hexes are my first project to start this year.

  10. I thought I was the only one. I'm in a bit of a rut creative wise at the moment. My creative muse seems to have died a sudden death and I can't seem to get motivated:( I'm blaming the extremely cold weather we are having at the moment. I'm stuck inside and I feel a bit restless...cabin fever maybe.

    Both those books look very interesting. I've been looking at hexagonal crazy quilts recently online. I'd love to do one myself.

  11. Crazy quilting AND hexagons....oh my.
    YOU can do it!
    Isn't this weather unbelievable?

  12. They both look good but I just went on Amazon and ordered the CQ one. The size of the hexagons would be good for at my sewing group or travelling.


  13. I just discovered today that the author of the first book about crazy quilting has a blog. I was on Pinterest and saw some of her work and so I followed until I found her site.

    p.s. I bought her book:)


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