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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The thrill of the hunt!

Yesterday DH and I did one of what we fondly call a 'sanity day'.  We have done those since the kids were in school and just get out of town and do something different than the usual daily 'stuff.  Yesterday was one of our favourite excursions and we toured five different thrift stores that we particularly like.  One of the stores is really well stocked with books and it's often where I manage to find needlework ones to add to my ever-growing collection.  This time I found these....

This one is 'The Harmony Guide to Knitting Stitches' , c1983, published by Lyric Books Limited.  There are hundreds of different pattern stitches in this book, all of which are illustrated in colour.  

This one is my favourite of the two:  'Encylopedia of Needlework'by Donna Kooler;  c. 2000, published by Leisure Arts.  This book covered in very good detail needlepoint, embroidery and counted thread work.  There are over 400 different stitches shown in the book, along with fifteen projects.  This was definitely a great addition to my collection/library.

On a slightly different topic, this is a photo
of one of the gifts I made for Christmas giving.
It's a hand knitted washcloth and soap, done up
to look rather spa-ish.  At least that was the plan

The quote for today... "  Adults are always asking little kids what they want to be when they grow up - 'cause they're looking for ideas".   Paula Poundstone. 


  1. neat finds! always nice to pick up a book bargain, or two!

  2. Books are such a magnet. My thrift stores have very little in the way of books,but I do score beads and linen!

  3. Nice finds! Lucky you!


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