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Monday, January 27, 2014

Interesting day....

Ever have one of THOSE days where you spin your wheels and end up accomplishing nada?  Today was one of those days.  First of all, I DID spin my wheels and took the car out to do errands.  Coming home I heard a rather ominous noise issuing forth from beneath.  Not to's the accumulation of snow/ice around the wheel well, thought I.    Rather wondered why a young guy wielding a shovel in his driveway looked rather aghast as I drove by.  Oh well.  Turned into our parking lot and heard a VERY loud crashing noise.  Hmm.    Oh well, that was just the ice falling off.  Or was it?  Nope.  A rather large piece of our car was lying in the road behind me.  Oops.  Backed up, retrieved said piece and proceeded the rest of the way home to inform hubby.

Made the dreaded trip to the car doctor to see
how much damage had been done.

Apparently ice had built up behind the covering that goes the entire width of the car between the wheels and the engine which made it come into contact with the tires and it snapped off, leaving some of the engine wiring open to the elements.  Of course it's plastic (isn't everything?).  New part has been ordered and car goes to the spa on Wednesday morning. 
* * * * * * * * *

They say that the Lord giveth and He taketh away (or in today's case he tooketh before he gaveth) but the mail that came after the car issue yielded the dreaded application for the Canada Pension for moi (yes I reach one of THOSE birthdays this year!!) and, wonder of wonders, they're going to give me a little bit of money every month if I can manage to figure out how to fill out the silly forms!  Who knew?
And, just to prove that my entire weekend
wasn't spent being idle...

These three ladies are on the purses I'm 
currently working on (one on each purse).


 "Why are women wearing perfumes that smell
like flowers?  Men don't like flowers.
I've been wearing a great scent.
It's called New Car Interior:
- Rita Rudner

(and a fitting quote for today, don't you think?)


  1. Darned cars! Darned snow and ice! At least it didn't cause an accident. I have definitely had days where I just waste it away. I also have days where I am so anxious to work on a project but have so many other responsibilities that I can't.

  2. Cars huh!
    It's hard to live without them but sometimes it's so hard to live 'with' them too.

  3. Oh poor you!!! I once had my muffler start dragging on the ground. Now that was a racket!!! Some nice man stopped and fixed it temporarily, with a coat hanger. It sounded like the sky was falling!!

    Your little ladies look nice. I'm guessing CQ purses!

  4. Dang cars
    Can't live with em'
    Can't live without em'!

    More peeks at your black purses.
    More please!
    xx, Carol

  5. boo to the car but yay to the money!!

  6. oh, those dreaded car days! Like the time I drove out the driveway dragging the muffler behind me! Ha! I can sure sympathize.
    Love the ladies.

  7. Good timing. You will need the Canada pension to fix the car. Repairs are rediculously exensive. Poor you and you probably thought you were going to spend your new money on bonbons and crazy quilt goodies.

    Hugs FredaB


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