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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Outside of needle roll

Today's post is somewhat filled with pictures.
I finished the outside part of my 
needle roll last night and here it is
(in sections, because the roll measures
4" x 34" and thus impossible to
get into one photo).
Feel free to click to embiggin!

And...a quote for today...

"The game was to just find something to be
glad about, no matter what t'was....
You see, when you're hunting for the good 
things, you sort of forget the other kind."
- Pollyanna


  1. the needle roll is just beautiful. didn't realize it was so long. love seeing how you embellished it along the way. it will be a treasure.

  2. The music detail: what is it? where's it from? nosy readers need to know.

  3. Your needle roll is going to be so beautiful! Love all of the photos and seeing your awesome stitching!

  4. sigh, covet, sigh, envy, sigh beautiful!!

  5. Embiggined every one and love them all!

  6. It's wonderful, but wow, you certainly must have one heck of a lot of needles!! Is this one for you and where is my shot of the inside? LOL! Inquiring minds want to know.

  7. oooh so lovely...
    being a visual person I enjoy photos very much as I find they have stories to tell...

    beautiful details and a perfect quote too ♥


  8. all the lace and trimmings.

  9. All that beautiful lace on your needle roll! Looking fabulous. Wonderful quote :)

  10. Oooh, I'm drooling! luscious lace and so much beauty! 34" long? How many needles can one woman have??! lol

  11. Wow! 34" long - that must be a record. It is absolutely fantastic. I thought the earlier photos of the roll were lovely but this is outstanding.
    I love your creations.


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