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Monday, February 11, 2013

TUSAL, stitching, and terror

I'm a day late posting my TUSAL (Totally Useless Stitch-A-Long) for the month...oops.  Here are my orts for the month...

Thanks Daffycat for organizing a fun game!

The 'terror' part of this post is because tomorrow is THE day that I teach the first of two crazy quilting workshops for our local quilt guild.  As of last count there are nine poor souls labouring under the impression that they might manage to learn something from me.  Not so sure they'll be able to hear what I have to say over the sound of my knees knocking!  I have always hated having to get up in front of people to say anything (put me in the BACK of the room so I don't have to look at anybody and I'm mouth almighty).  Shoot me now...

Here's three more sections of the new hussif (I promise I won't subject you to any more of these...until I make the next hussif, that is)....

The next pictures of the hussif will be of the completed front.


  1. We all have to start somewhere MA and even though I do not know you in person I do know you well enough to know that you will be good at what you are about to do.
    My best advice is to approach the class as though these ladies are your friends (like your ATC group)and keep it light.After 10 minutes you'll be laughing (and so will they).
    Good luck.

  2. I'm the same way. I hate speaking in front of people and my voice quavers.

  3. Somewhere I read that to feel more comfortable speaking in front of a group you should imagine everyone sitting in their underwear. I think I'd either be too embarrassed, or laughing too hard to be able to!
    You'll be fine. Doreen said it. These ladies want you to do well, so have fun and enjoy.

  4. I have such sympathy with that terror. After all these years of teaching workshops, I still have terrible stagefright. I'm living for next Sunday when my next workshop will have been done! I always swear I'll never do it again...but I bet you'll find, as I do, that the terror turns into energy once you get under way, and they'll be very happy.

  5. First of all, you know the subject well so the speaking part will come. You'll be fine and everyone will leave knowing more than they did when they came in. Stop knockin, knees!!!
    xx, Carol

  6. Stand at the back of the class and teach from there :) You'll do fine--when it's a passion and a joy, you can share easily. Just share, don't teach.

  7. You will do great today, call it fear of the unknown. I am sure once you are in class everything will go smoothly :) Your work is beautiful.

  8. Anonymous12:07 PM

    You will be just fine. You will be twice as smart as everyone else there (because you know what to do LOL) and as my old bank manager used tell me...BS baffles brains!! Good luck..not to worry will do amazingly.
    Mrs Noofy

  9. Such wonderful shades of purple!!

  10. Wish I was able to join one of your courses. I am sure you did fine! Greetings from Denmark!


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