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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Leaving comments

It has come to my attention that some people don't quite know how to leave comments on the blogs they read, so I thought I'd do a mini-tutorial on how to do it (at least on this blog).

1.  At the bottom of this post you will see "Posted by Magpies Mumblings:...."Comments"  and "Links to this post".  Click on "Comments".

2.  It will take you to a screen which says "Leave Your Comment" above an open box.  Type your comment in the box.

3.  Below that you will see another box that has a hodge-podge of letters and numbers.  Copy what you see into the small box below it.  The reason for those ridiculous (and sometimes hard to read) hieroglyphics is to stop spam from flooding my inbox.  If you find you can't read the particular gobbldy-gook that they have there, just put what you think it says.  If it's wrong it will give you additional opportunities to tell it what it wants to know.  Don't be afraid of messing it up!

4.  Below that there is a "Choose An Identity" option which reads 'Google Account' (use this one if you have a google account);  'Open ID' - I'm ashamed to say I haven't a clue what this one means!!;  'Name/URL' - click on it and it will ask you for your name and/or your URL;  and the final option is 'Anonymous'.    I would recommend you use the 'Name/URL' option simply because I'd love to know who you are and hopefully I will be able to respond to you. The 'URL' portion refers to your blog address if you have a blog and would like me to come and visit you!  If you prefer to use the 'Anonymous' option I won't know who you are (unless you include your name in the your comment) and I won't be able to respond to you.

5.  Below you will see a "Publish Your Comment" box.  Click on it, and're done!!  It will take a while for your comment to show on my blog because I have to approve it (another safeguard against spam). 

That's not so hard, is it?

btw - if I can teach a crazy quilt class, you can learn to leave comments!!

Please be sure to read the comments on this post
to find some other really helpful hints!   


  1. I just read on someone's blog that if you take off the ability for people to use "Anonymous" in your settings, you don't have to bother about the verifications bit. I've tried it and so far, so good - but it's only been a day.

  2. lolol
    This is a good point MA. The blogs that open with a myriad of pictures on them, that you then click on to open a took me ages to realise you had to scroll right down the post, to find the comment part. And I like to think I'm ( mostly) with it........ ha ha..............seems not!

  3. Just an addition regarding the little box with the gobbledegook: beside the box to type the jumble is and arrow in a circle, and you can click on that to get an alternate jumble if you can't decipher the original. A box will pop up asking if you want to leave this page. Choose yes, as it's only for the letters/numbers part of the page.
    Sometimes I have to click the arrow 4 or 5 times to get something I can decipher! lol! Old eyes, and slow brain. hahaha.
    I believe "Open ID" is for posting your name and some id if you don't have a google account or do not want to give an URL.

  4. I have commenters who don't have a url or any other web id, so I encourage them to use the anonymous box, but be sure and sign their name inside the comment box. You'll notice a few of my friends doing this. It doesn't occur to everyone that you can sign inside the comment section, so that you're not really anonymous unless you want to be! I use moderation but don't use the scramblies, because they're practically impossible to decipher, and it's not unusual to need three attempts to post.

  5. Leaving a comment is so very important. It allows the blogger and those commenting a chance to become friends and develop a realationship. At times the comment button can be difficult to find. I have seen it listed as "friends said", where when you click on that you are taken to the comment section. Of course if all else fails most bloggers list an link to their email address.
    When someone leaves me a comment, I get an email notification which helps in responding to the comment. Which leads us to the dreaded "NO REPLY" blogger status.
    Which can be fixed by simply allowing your email address to be linked to your commemts.
    In the long run, sincere commenting is a very good thing!

  6. Anonymous5:14 AM

    I have just discovered your blog and am new to commenting. The comments about URL and "annon" are useful as I don't have a blog and was wondering how I comment until I saw your info. If you remove annon I would probably not be commenting.

    Barbara, London, U.K.


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