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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Mailman stalking and crazy quilting

I was the very lucky recipient of an absolutely beautiful pincushion created by Deb of Mosaic Magpie Just look at how gorgeous it is...

This picture absolutely doesn't do it justice.  The gold on it just gleams and I doubt you can tell that the flowers are raised.  She made a lovely little emery strawberry too - I've never owned such a thing and can hardly wait to sharpen all my dull needles.  My imagination has gone into overtime - I'm thinking of the possible history of this mug - perhaps it was used by a ladies maid to serve hot chocolate to her mistress?
Thank you Deb - you already know how much I love it!!

- - - - - - - -

And, here's the latest stitching on my hussif...


  1. Oh my friend, I am delighted you like the pincushion. The cup's history would be interesting to know. It was too pretty to not to be used for something. Now it begins a new life on your worktable. I hope it brings a smile to your face and the thought of our friendship, whenever you see it.

  2. I love your pincushion, too! Nice stitching.

  3. Oh my, that pincushion is glorious! So very Elegant! You are one lucky lady :)
    Lovely stitching on your Hussif!

  4. I cant think of anyone more deserving of having this fabby mug pin caddy......its richly coloured and just yummy........lucky you!!

  5. Gorgeous pincushion MA! What a lovely gift!

    Love your stitching too!


    BTW - did I mention Chocolate in my comments yesterday? Ha, ha, ha!


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