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Friday, February 08, 2013


Here's what we are seeing outside...

We're in the midst of a major snowstorm and this 
is what we see from our balcony.
That red blob down there?
That's our car!

I'm stitching
and staying nice and warm!


liniecat said...

Dont rush out lolol its prettier from the window!!

Suztats said...

It snowed overnight, and all day long-I think it's still coming down with more in the forecast tomorrow........
Nice stitching. Looks like you're having fun.

kaiteM said...

I like Lyn's comment, lol! your stitching is beautiful.

Doreen G said...

We are scorching over here--35 degrees celsius today---yuk.

DIAN said...

My goodness that snow looks so pretty when you are inside. Do take care when you finally venture outside.

I love all the stitching. So pretty.

Lynn said...

Beautiful stitching, must be so relaxing and cozy inside on a day like that. It looks so pretty on your trees :)