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Monday, February 25, 2013

Knitting doo-dad

Anybody who knows me is aware that I am a person that reads books about organization like some people read steamy novels.  Of course, having said that, there is nothing to prove that I myself am the least bit organized!

Anyway, I stumbled across a cute little knitted pattern for making a little 'thingie' to hold the things that I normally toss on the table beside me when I'm knitting - things like my crochet hook for dropped stitches (which, btw, I NEVER and my sewing up needle.

I made two...

Aren't they cute?
The free pattern can be found HERE. 
The only thing I did differently from the original pattern
was to add a heavy-duty washer on the bottom for
weight, which I then covered with felt.



Dolores said...

They are cute - and useful.

Boud said...

I love organization books and articles and directions and diagrams, too! I'm pretty organized, but reading about it is easier.

Suztats said...

Very cute! I think I'll need 5 for my tatting needles, 5 for my fave knitting needles. 1 for a bodkin, two for sewing needles, 1 for my pen, a square one for my fancy ruler, and...oh, wait! I've run out of table room! Where will I put my tea mug? aacckk! lol

dogonart said...

Nifty idea.

liniecat said...

How cute and useful! Could also be a non fattening cupcake-look-a-likey, if you squint at them!!
Brill idea to base them with a washer mind you : )

Lizzie Clark said...

I'd really like to make one of these but cannot find the pattern. The link is broken. Please can you help?

Lizzie Clark said...

Am trying to download pattern but link is broken. Can you help me find the pattern please?

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Am trying here to respond to you Lizzie - I would be happy to share the pattern, but you are set to 'no reply' and I am unable to reach you. If you would please email me at this address hopefully we can connect... marmic1954 AT hotmail DOT com