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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

TUSAL and crazy-ier

Today I have a number of pictures for you (don't get so excited that you hurt yourself!!)

First of's time for TUSAL (Totally Useless Stitchalong) once again.  Wow, the month sure does fly by quickly!  Here's my wee pile of ORTS for the month....

and here's my ORT jar to date...

It's easy to see that I've been working a lot with pink and green!

Further on the green part of my project....

Those of us who are crazy quilters get our inspiration from many sources.  Many moons ago I bought a thrift store sweater - not to wear, but for the lovely sequin and bead embellishments it had.  This is part of the sweater...

Today I removed some of the pretties on the sweater and they, in turn, evolved into the little area of embellishment below.  


  1. That looks great MA and I love the orts jar.
    Several years ago I purchased a silk wedding dress at our op-shop for $1.
    The reason it was so cheap was that it was damaged and they could not sell it but they couldn't give it away either so I had to give them $1 to make it legal.
    The top of it was covered in pearls bugle beads and Swarovski crystals and heavy lace motifs.
    It took me weeks to unpick it all.

  2. I have a drawer of saved embellished clothes for just this reason. Think of how much room I would have if I would remove them and dispose of the clothes..AT LEAST!

  3. omgosh.....I absolutely LOVED that sweater! WOW! Very nice glitzies to work with, tho I am not sure I could have cut them off.
    I am assuming they are vintage sequins, as they seem to be made better and hold up longer.
    They are beautiful in their new use too!


  4. love that you have removed these and are re using them....recycler of the year!!

  5. Oooh, this is so pretty! I think you sent me a piece of this sweater awhile back. I still want to use it on something.

  6. November already! My orts jar is getting pretty full too. Maybe I'll post one last photo of it. Love what you did with the sweater embellishments. Those leaf shaped sequins are perfect.


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